24 Hours of Reckoning

The wind buffeted with gusto against Davidzo's face. The rain washed away the tears that gushed out from her eyes. The pain eminated from the core of her soul, searing her heart into delicate slices of venison. The forest was alive, branches cast shadows under the streaks of lightning. Giving an illusion of an extended... Continue Reading →


I did not choose life. I chose death The day I said I do I walked in the boulevard of my last breath How was I to know, my end was my groom My wedding bouquet was to adorn my grave How could this be when my all I gave? The hands that caressed my... Continue Reading →

FALLEN: Chapter 5

A Continuation from Fallen: Chapter 4 Rambai threw himself on his office couch and rubbed his temple with intense vigor. He felt like the walls were crushing inside, how in the world did Dzidzai know about his extracurricular family? He was baffled beyond measure and had underestimated his schizophrenic wife. She had also reached out... Continue Reading →

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