A Little Landlocked Country

A little landlocked country with no seaport Snuggled in, shaped like a teapot Anchored by ceasarism We huddle in the stormy weather of absolutism A harp strings a song filled with sobriety The wails of a nation is not a priority A dominating element of elitism Conjugated with stalinism and cynicism The iron fist of... Continue Reading →

Prisoner of My Own Heart

The raw emotions invaded my soul A mangled heart with a chaotic rhythm, It is a black hole Cracks on the surface blood seeps out from the artriole Rescue me from this incarceration, parole I cant breathe like a goldfish out of its bowl A dark aura that comes out at night like a troll... Continue Reading →

Goodbye My Lover

Reminiscing about the love you gave me Hiden under the cloak of chivalry, I couldn't save me The glistening sweat on my body you made me Screaming, digging my nails into your flesh, can you blame me? Finding your affections veer in the opposite direction But what is the point when I still hurt in... Continue Reading →


The fruit of my womb The core of my being To name you a king, is all that could be To love endlessly without inhibition Unconditional.Untainted.Pure.Rare. Blood of my blood. An extension of myself You reign on this throne to king in this life The mother queen to raise a man of valor A man... Continue Reading →


I did not choose life. I chose death The day I said I do I walked in the boulevard of my last breath How was I to know, my end was my groom My wedding bouquet was to adorn my grave How could this be when my all I gave? The hands that caressed my... Continue Reading →

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