The Devils Throne

The swords of dead valiant knights fused by dragon fire A seat for murderers and blood thirsty vampires Perched on the cold iron The House of Targaryen. Fire and Blood. An incestuous heritage of the three headed dragon Housed in Kings Landing. Soddom and Gomorrah Female orchids strewn in the streets to be bludgeoned by... Continue Reading →

Prisoner of My Own Heart

The raw emotions invaded my soul A mangled heart with a chaotic rhythm, It is a black hole Cracks on the surface blood seeps out from the artriole Rescue me from this incarceration, parole I cant breathe like a goldfish out of its bowl A dark aura that comes out at night like a troll... Continue Reading →

A Salutation to Oliver Mtukudzi

A great circle of celestial sphere cut throught the heart of our country. The pained wails of a grief stricken people echoed through out the nation. A hooded skeleton griping a scythe hovered over us. Its cold breath a pervasive aroma of death. The allusive detriment of deprivation Dancing to the blues emanating from the... Continue Reading →

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