The Light of the Universe

The storm is over now! Walking down the R. Kelly boulevard of She is finally here, baby Zuva Riley Mangwende. What a journey, from The Chronicles of A Pregnant Man, The Shape of Things to Come, Pregnancy Woes, Princess Zuva, The 9th Month, to The Wait Continues and after thee longest 9 months my... Continue Reading →

Goodbye My Lover

Reminiscing about the love you gave me Hiden under the cloak of chivalry, I couldn't save me The glistening sweat on my body you made me Screaming, digging my nails into your flesh, can you blame me? Finding your affections veer in the opposite direction But what is the point when I still hurt in... Continue Reading →

The Memoirs of the Other Woman

I never thought I would ever tell this story, but now I am in better space. No, I have moved on, exactly where I want to be, happy and emotionally fulfilled. So yeah I can tell this story because today, it is hilarious and we can laugh at my pain together.  Imagine crushing on someone... Continue Reading →

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