The Fall of Pride – By Tawedzerwa Chagwesha

A Continuation from Escape: The Child Born of Strife Pride limped into the doorway, his prosthetic limb clacked against the stone floor every second step. His chest held up high. A cloche tray held in proper bar-maid fashion and an unmistakable spring in his hobble. Today is going to be a great day. He approached... Continue Reading →

Living in the metropolis of Lagos

GUEST POST: By Deborah Glover I was born in Lagos and it has been my home for as long as forever. Lagos held no much interest for me until I left Lagos to othe part of Nigeria. I have been to Ondo, Anambra, Oyo, Ogun state. These places had a different lifestyle. Lagos is composed... Continue Reading →

 Decomposing Smiles

Guest Blog: by Kundie Mangwende It was all they had, all they knew. It’s what kept them together all these years. Now that it was gone, what was to become of them… Grandpa had been ill for 3 days now. The year is 2060 and I must say we have the wierdest grandparents than any... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: by Sharlyn Kristine

She is beautiful, witty and intelligent. She is my best friend of over 10 years and she is an amazing writer! (You know what they say about birds of the same feather) My blog would never be complete without some of her work. Enjoy this fierce and powerful poem! We came in... We all came... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: by K. Morris

The Girl Who Wasn't There I am the girl who wasn't there.I did not sit upon that chair,playing provocatively with my hair.I did not drink that expensive wine,While gazing on your paintings fine.I did not recline under the quilt so red,Or moan with exstasy in your bed.If by chance, an earing she should find,Worry not,... Continue Reading →

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