The Fall of Pride – By Tawedzerwa Chagwesha

A Continuation from Escape: The Child Born of Strife Pride limped into the doorway, his prosthetic limb clacked against the stone floor every second step. His chest held up high. A cloche tray held in proper bar-maid fashion and an unmistakable spring in his hobble. Today is going to be a great day. He approached... Continue Reading →

The Plague of Internet Trolls

The internet has architected a global hamlet through social media platforms. We are right on the pinnacle of digitalization and what a time to be alive! The world is at our fingertips, an infinite kaleidoscope of information, intertwined in a cyberspace of different social structures and communities. One-click and we are in a virtual world,... Continue Reading →

Summoning the Ancestors of Zimbabwe

The drummer pounded on the taut sheet of cowhide, a troglodyte drumming a continuous rhythm that beckons the forefathers of the land. A solitudinarian whose only company is the echoes from the hollow cylinder as the reverberations harmonized with the swishing sounds of tree branches. On a hilltop, the drummer stood before a raging fire,... Continue Reading →

The Ghost of Valentine

I could make his lithe silhouette, moving across the willowy meadowland. The grass sashayed under the gentle wind and pollen grains floated in the air, anticipating the rendezvous with a female ovule. The radiance of his countenance held me in a warm embrace. Like two peas in a pod, we latched on to the shell... Continue Reading →

Facing My Demons

For three decades a wench adapted migratory characteristics of evading her demons. Mainly by refusing to take notice and intentionally disregarding them. I firmly maintained this idiosyncratic belief despite being contradicted by reality and rationality. There is a sense of false tranquility when you just say fuck this life and go back to bed at... Continue Reading →

A Salutation to Oliver Mtukudzi

A great circle of the celestial sphere cut through the heart of our country. The pained wails of a grief-stricken people echoed throughout the nation. A hooded skeleton gripping a scythe hovered over us. Its cold breath a pervasive aroma of death. The allusive detriment of deprivation Dancing to the blues emanating from the strumming... Continue Reading →

The Cold Clutch Of Death

Sunday morning, 12 February 2012 tasted like old moldy cheese laced with fungi that wreaked havoc in my stomach. Horrid. The onset of grief began at 8am with 16 missed calls from my little sister. I woke up in sleep reverie but mostly gripped by the aftermath of consuming copious amounts of colourless volatile flammable... Continue Reading →

The Shitty Teapot Shaped Country

I am feeling very roguish today so allow me to go on a tangent about how I am failing to cope financially in this country. Has your bank card ever been declined at a point of sale? So you stand there having a really awkward staredown with the cashier? While other customers standing in the... Continue Reading →

A Lone Bamboo; Chapter 2

A lone Bamboo Chapter 1: A Lone Bamboo; Chapter 1 Sister Albina knelt in a stark bare room only furnished with a single spring bed that hung oddly like a hammock. Above the bed a wooden crucifix dangled in an uncertain position; pendulum fashion. A sigh escaped from her lips, as she muttered Hail Marys... Continue Reading →

A Chapter That Never Made It

Beginning of this year, someone approached me to ghost write for them about politics and Christianity. I thought this was an exciting and broad topic. I had a certain tone and direction to go with, in my head I was already tripping on words, philosophies, theories and ideologies. I mean this was going to be... Continue Reading →

Would You Walk A Mile In My Shoes?

It was the summer of 2017, one heavily eight month pregnant woman meandered through a vendor stricken pavement. Its me. The pregnant woman. It was one heck of a hot summer, spotted was a heavily carrying grasshopper wobbling among little pyramids of vegetables arranged with architectural precision. It looked like an obstruction race course, perfect... Continue Reading →

A Lone Bamboo.

INTRODUCTIONThe moisture condensed from the atmosphere and fell visibly in separate drops. Mirirai trudged clumsily in the darkness like the antics of a leviathan. She winced at the throbbing pain of her bruised and torn clam. Every step she took was agonizingly unbearable; a result of postpartum afflictions of thigh cramps and distressed spinal cord.... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of A Foodie Journey

I know what you are thinking! A foodie? Yes I have always been one but just too lazy to slave away in the kitchen. Last Saturday I got home exhausted and famished. My helper served me a plate of over cooked rice and a miserable looking chicken stew, no veggies, no accessories. It tasted... Continue Reading →

Prompt : Hate It

hate it... When things don't explode as I walk away... When saucy dogs hump other people's legs... When molotov cocktails don't break on the first throw... When theme music doesn't play as I enter the vicinity... When being ordained an e-minister doesn't strike fear in the hearts of children... When I buy a lab coat and... Continue Reading →

Goodbye My Lover

Reminiscing about the love you gave me Hiden under the cloak of chivalry, I couldn't save me The glistening sweat on my body you made me Screaming, digging my nails into your flesh, can you blame me? Finding your affections veer in the opposite direction But what is the point when I still hurt in... Continue Reading →

The Mad King

DISCLAIMER: This blog entry is a work of fiction. Names, characters,places,brands and incidents are either the product of the bloggers imagination or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real life situations or persons is purely coincidental. “His high majesty is still asleep your Grace”, Gumbo announced to the queen who lay on a massage table... Continue Reading →

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