The Fall of Pride – By Tawedzerwa Chagwesha

A Continuation from Escape: The Child Born of Strife Pride limped into the doorway, his prosthetic limb clacked against the stone floor every second step. His chest held up high. A cloche tray held in proper bar-maid fashion and an unmistakable spring in his hobble. Today is going to be a great day. He approached... Continue Reading →

The Passion of Christ. Angels Vs Demons.

A continuation from 24 Hours of Reckoning Lost in time spectrum, Ragael abducted the fruit of Perdition in a bid to find favour in the eyes of the omniscient. Satan plunged into a fit of fury soaking with intense anger outpouring in hysterical yelling. "Bring Ragael to my lair!" He screamed at the satanic horde... Continue Reading →

Prisoner of My Own Heart

The raw emotions invaded my soul A mangled heart with a chaotic rhythm, It is a black hole Cracks on the surface blood seeps out from the artriole Rescue me from this incarceration, parole I cant breathe like a goldfish out of its bowl A dark aura that comes out at night like a troll... Continue Reading →

The Ghost of Valentine

I could make his lithe silhouette, moving across the willowy meadowland. The grass sashayed under the gentle wind and pollen grains floated in the air, anticipating the rendezvous with a female ovule. The radiance of his countenance held me in a warm embrace. Like two peas in a pod, we latched on to the shell... Continue Reading →

Facing My Demons

For three decades a wench adapted migratory characteristics of evading her demons. Mainly by refusing to take notice and intentionally disregarding them. I firmly maintained this idiosyncratic belief despite being contradicted by reality and rationality. There is a sense of false tranquility when you just say fuck this life and go back to bed at... Continue Reading →

A Lone Bamboo; Chapter 2

A lone Bamboo Chapter 1: A Lone Bamboo; Chapter 1 Sister Albina knelt in a stark bare room only furnished with a single spring bed that hung oddly like a hammock. Above the bed a wooden crucifix dangled in an uncertain position; pendulum fashion. A sigh escaped from her lips, as she muttered Hail Marys... Continue Reading →

A Chapter That Never Made It

Beginning of this year, someone approached me to ghost write for them about politics and Christianity. I thought this was an exciting and broad topic. I had a certain tone and direction to go with, in my head I was already tripping on words, philosophies, theories and ideologies. I mean this was going to be... Continue Reading →

Would You Walk A Mile In My Shoes?

It was the summer of 2017, one heavily eight month pregnant woman meandered through a vendor stricken pavement. Its me. The pregnant woman. It was one heck of a hot summer, spotted was a heavily carrying grasshopper wobbling among little pyramids of vegetables arranged with architectural precision. It looked like an obstruction race course, perfect... Continue Reading →

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