A Lone Bamboo; Chapter 2

A lone Bamboo Chapter 1: A Lone Bamboo; Chapter 1 Sister Albina knelt in a stark bare room only furnished with a single spring bed that hung oddly like a hammock. Above the bed a wooden crucifix dangled in an uncertain position; pendulum fashion. A sigh escaped from her lips, as she muttered Hail Marys... Continue Reading →

A Lone Bamboo.

INTRODUCTIONThe moisture condensed from the atmosphere and fell visibly in separate drops. Mirirai trudged clumsily in the darkness like the antics of a leviathan. She winced at the throbbing pain of her bruised and torn clam. Every step she took was agonizingly unbearable; a result of postpartum afflictions of thigh cramps and distressed spinal cord.... Continue Reading →

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