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Professional English Editing Service

I offer three levels of English editing services, i.e. substantive editing servicecopy editing service, and proof reading service. My expertise aims at addressing the publication and scholarly writing needs of an author, especially for those who are non-native English speakers. Also maintaining the style and consistency of the manuscript, keeping in mind the relevant terminologies and phrases, specific to the field of study.

Professional English editing service checks for:

  • Grammar and language errors that includes correct structuring of the sentences, clarity of the text, tone of the manuscript, pronouns, relative clauses, redundancies, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, spellings, article usage, and more.
  • Manuscript style that includes usage of UK/US English, hyphenation, use of terminologies and abbreviations, citation style, and more.
  • Subject specific nomenclature.
  • Appropriate use of units as well as symbols.
  • Logical flow of the text through rearrangement and summarization.
  • Accuracy of the content, such as placement of headings and sub-headings, clarity and coherence.
  • Ambiguous sentences.



You might have an idea to produce the next bestseller but you might not have the required time or expertise to write it yourself.  I am here at your service!


Non Fiction writing holds great importance as truth is always captivating for its audience. They play an essential part in everyone’s life as there can be nothing more felt than the truth that is visible to the eyes.


Writing a biography starts with ample research, pulling and combining all available resources like newspapers, publications, interviews and/ or any other document that gives a valid sight into the subject’s life.


I understand the subtleness of your content, therefore, I make sure to write information which is accurate and in accordance with the facts and figures available and known globally.


I am trained to write memoirs and not to confuse it with autobiography as they are sometimes used interchangeably by other writers. Hence, you can consult me for ghostwriting any sort of memoir.


I will pen down your creativity into charming and alluring literary form to mesmerize the readers. Special attention is paid to the author’s main plot, ensuring to not let it deviate from its track.



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