Put Your Phone Down For A Second.

Mobile internet is the death of real human interaction  and this is why I strongly believe that we are on the brink of the zombie apocalypse. Have you ever been in a room full of people but it feels empty because everyone is a slave of the virtual world (staring at their phones completely engrossed)?... Continue Reading →

Hades Breath

I could hear the twigs breaking behind me I fell face flat in the damp heath Scurried clumsily on my feet with fright I felt the ventricles pump blood into the atrium He was gaining ground, I could feel it I didn't want to die, Not now at least The precious scenes of my life... Continue Reading →

Poor Customer Service Equals To Lunacy.

This is a very important blog, you are welcome. Now lets talk about poor customer service that is unbelievably rampant in this country. The heart beat of any organisation is the quality of service that is offered to clients or customer. I have no recollection of a place that I actually received stellar customer care... Continue Reading →

A Jolly Good Fellow

For he is a jolly good fellow A whimsical bearded companion Tall, dark and witty ally My munchkin handsome tally The molly wacker banana I love to eat an acreage of banana Ooops don't whistle to my nana We are a raunchy delirious duo A naughty harmonized duet Skipping along the boulevard of enchantment It's... Continue Reading →

Related but Not Family

I have been thinking about this a lot. Family, falls in a socio-bracket of people who contribute to your mental, physical and emotional wellness. Does this mean that everyone who is related to you is really family? I don’t think so; relatives are a kindred people of genealogy that you are born in to. Friends... Continue Reading →

WBC Day 4|Black Panther is a Shit Movie

Someone had to say it, Black Panther is the most overrated movie in the film industry. I get it, everyone being pumped about the fist Marvel African superhero movie. The concept is certainly spine-tingling and expectations are undoubtedly high,until the first ten minutes of the movie, I felt like gorging my eyeballs out. Let me... Continue Reading →

WBC Day 3| E.D or a Packet of Maputi?

I have written bizarre things before but this? This is bats in the belfry level, also I am feeling a bit unbalanced and it would quite seem to be the day to go a little schizo. As I was sitting on my slavery station enjoying a packet of maputi and making orgasmic sounds while chewing... Continue Reading →

WBC Day 2| A Dog Named Coco

She is furry ball convulated with caramel mosaic A small pup, elfin but archaic Floppy ears, button nose, stumpy legs A dash of adorableness and a pinch of cuteness on deck Keri Russell, Jane Russell, Leon Russell none like Coco my Jack Russell Wagging tail, hanging tongue, excitement debut No time for catch she throws... Continue Reading →

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