Be Rogue

The thirties have given me a gift, a morsel of philanthropy that has made life exciting and unexpectedly a breeze. In true altruism I will share this philosophy on a rogue approach to life that transcends to genuine happiness. We spend most of our lives fighting ourselves, fighting who we are because humanity set behavioral... Continue Reading →

Don’t Bother Reading This Blog

I have been feeling a bit off and I don't know why. Its a weird feeling, nothing is wrong but I am a little blue. Yesterdays blog¬† post was some mediocre shit and I hate it. I had it all figure out in my mind, the presentation, structure, flow and all but that undefined emotion... Continue Reading →

The Shitty Teapot Shaped Country

I am feeling very roguish today so allow me to go on a tangent about how I am failing to cope financially in this country. Has your bank card ever been declined at a point of sale? So you stand there having a really awkward stare down with the cashier? While other customers standing in... Continue Reading →

A Chapter That Never Made It

Beginning of this year, someone approached me to ghost write for them about politics and Christianity. I thought this was an exciting and broad topic. I had a certain tone and direction to go with, in my head I was already tripping on words, philosophies, theories and ideologies. I mean this was going to be... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of A Foodie Journey

I know what you are thinking! A foodie? Yes I have always been one but just too lazy to slave away in the kitchen. Last Saturday I got home exhausted and famished. My helper served me a plate of over cooked rice and a miserable looking chicken stew, no veggies, no accessories. It tasted... Continue Reading →

Prompt : Hate It

hate it... When things don't explode as I walk away... When saucy dogs hump other people's legs... When molotov cocktails don't break on the first throw... When theme music doesn't play as I enter the vicinity... When being ordained an e-minister doesn't strike fear in the hearts of children... When I buy a lab coat and... Continue Reading →

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