The Dark Mistress (Finale)

The cramps began to topple each other and each spasm more intense than the last. Lying on her side, Melissa squeezed the steel lamp-stand and until her knuckles were white. Her face contorted in a grotesque expression of pain, a blood-curdling scream escaped from her throat. The baby wriggled in the birth canal unaware of... Continue Reading →

The Dark Mistress 7

Nerudo stuck in a purgatory of perpetual agony watched Sasha wear him like a puppet. He was in a never-ending loop of sleep paralysis, with no control of his body or actions. He screamed in his mind shocked by the words that came out of his mouth designed by his ventriloquist, Sasha. He really never... Continue Reading →

The Dark Mistress 6

Tererai did not sleep all night as she prayed fervently for her daughter. The nightmare of Melissa being stabbed to death rattled her enough to crank up her hypertension. A horrible deja vu, she closed her eyes and whispered, "Oh Edmund my son, I will do it right this time." At 4:15 am she decided... Continue Reading →

The Dark Mistress 5

Amos and FJ lounged at their usual nook of the bar. "That Sasha girl got our boy wrapped around her little finger, where is he?" Amos inquired with a hint of annoyance. "She has him acting out of character, I don't even know him anymore" FJ spoke with a sneer. "He hardly comes to work... Continue Reading →

The Dark Mistress 4

Melissa stormed into NMFJ premises seething with anger, she had no time to greet Nerudo's secretary, a stout lady in her 50s. It was her idea to get an older woman as his secretary. She burst into Nerudo's office and there he was, sprawled on a luxurious Courtney couch watching the 160inch flat screen on... Continue Reading →

The Dark Mistress 3

Farai Jongwe, commonly know as FJ by friends and family was a dashing and adventurous 39 year old with a casanova complex. Never been married, 7 baby mamas and 9 kids. An expert in the art of seducing women into his bed. A nyphomaniac with an excessive and uncontrollable sexual desire for women. He met... Continue Reading →

The Dark Mistress 2

Sasha bit her lower lip and winced in pain. Sekuru Gutu sunk the razor blade on the nape of her head, making two parallel incisions with the steady hands of a surgeon. His assistant, a young cross-eyed lanky boy with snake skin around his neck handed sekuru a small bottle of ointment. He smeared it... Continue Reading →

The Dark Mistress 1

Nerudo rubbed his temples slowly losing his patience. " So you just used me innit?" Sasha hissed while drumming her fingers on the dashboard of Nerudo's Ford Ranger. "Babe, I need you to listen. My wife found out about us and all I am asking for, is to lay low until things cool down". This... Continue Reading →

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