Stop Chasing A Nut

Lets talk about sex, woo its about to get hot in here because I am going in UNCENSORED.┬áIf you missed it, that was a disclaimer. Sex is part of human nature that has been stigmatized by a lot of factors, such as threat of diseases/violence, religion, misogyny, unwanted pregnancies and societal strain. A big chunk... Continue Reading →

My First Encounter with Sexual Harrasment

How can I forget those lingering eyes, and their malicious intent.Even after several years,  I can still feel his insidious presence. A victim cowering under the gaze of its  prey. How can a man, be driven onwards by such animalistic lust without his conscience bending out of shape?  It was my first real job and... Continue Reading →

No Woman No cry

I sat in the forlorn darkness of my room heavily hung with dysphoria. Born with two strikes, damned with a vagina and growing up in a rearward, regressive society.  Embracing the darkness and finding alleviation from the demons that haunt me. Licking the wounds of my cognitive pain with tears of despondence. Suicide is my... Continue Reading →

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