Stop Chasing A Nut

Lets talk about sex, woo its about to get hot in here because I am going in UNCENSORED. If you missed it, that was a disclaimer. Sex is part of human nature that has been stigmatized by a lot of factors, such as threat of diseases/violence, religion, misogyny, unwanted pregnancies and societal strain. A big chunk... Continue Reading →

Emotional Niggas Are More Attractive

Societal pressure is a plague that has raised apathetic creatures that are compelled to put on stoic exteriors, for the preservation of the virility of a real man. Machismo has robbed us of  emotionally intelligent men and created psychological defects due to emotional constipation. A lot of men suffer from depression because it goes against... Continue Reading →

How To Deal With A Heartbreak Like A Boss

Here is the thing, a heartbreak is the most awful thing to happen to anyone. It's a heinous assault of human emotions which leaves it's victims devastated and in worst case scenarios, delirious. Yes delirious ( it leaves you in an acutely disturbed state of mind) This evil does not conform to emotional and mental... Continue Reading →

My Worst Break Up Story

A few months ago, I shared the most heartbreaking moment of my life on Twitter. The worst break up of the century. While most persons found it hilarious, it was a harrowing experience, borderline depression and a long walk on the boulevard of self doubt. My kindred inhabitants of Twitter empathized with me, but demanded... Continue Reading →

Miscarried Friendships

The world is an interconnected web of people with mutual trust and support. Typically gravitating towards each other due to common interests, admiration of certain character traits and good affectionate terms. Friendship. A bond between two people of mutual affection, exclusive of sexual and family relations. I wrote a post about the The Friend That... Continue Reading →

The Memoirs of the Other Woman

I never thought I would ever tell this story, but now I am in better space. No, I have moved on, exactly where I want to be, happy and emotionally fulfilled. So yeah I can tell this story because today, it is hilarious and we can laugh at my pain together.  Imagine crushing on someone... Continue Reading →

Dear Side Chicks

This is a letter to all side chicks in the world and over, from married women. I write in my own capacity as a woman of clarity and directness. This might leave you in damp spirits but serves its purpose to paint over grey areas that you seem to be ignorant of.   Firstly, I... Continue Reading →

The Predicament of a Man in Pregnancy labor

The peaceful Sunday nap that I was enjoying was the calm before the storm. Little 9 months of cognitive-hormonal-facticity were conjuring into one hell of a Sarajevo incident. I was rudely awakened by the pop sound of breaking waters followed by intense contractions that toppled each other. Panic ensued.   I had planned a silent,... Continue Reading →

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