10 Crazy Motherhood Moments

Motherhood is cray, I am telling you it is the craziest thing to ever happen to a woman. How we remain sane in the midst of it all is a prodigy. There is no guideline to being a mother, human beings drop from your vagina and you just wing it. Sometimes you feel like you... Continue Reading →

Would You Walk A Mile In My Shoes?

It was the summer of 2017, one heavily eight month pregnant woman meandered through a vendor stricken pavement. Its me. The pregnant woman. It was one heck of a hot summer, spotted was a heavily carrying grasshopper wobbling among little pyramids of vegetables arranged with architectural precision. It looked like an obstruction race course, perfect... Continue Reading →

The Light of the Universe

The storm is over now! Walking down the R. Kelly boulevard of TP-2.com She is finally here, baby Zuva Riley Mangwende. What a journey, from The Chronicles of A Pregnant Man, The Shape of Things to Come, Pregnancy Woes, Princess Zuva, The 9th Month, to The Wait Continues and after thee longest 9 months my... Continue Reading →

The Wait Continues

Sitting on this uncomfortable as hell chair listening to this man talk out of his rear posterior. I am thinking they looked for the most brittle pine wood and decided, look this could make a great easy chair. An easy chair with two centimetres of paper thin padding. This is the kind of chair given... Continue Reading →

The 9th Month

Hello there. I am still pregnant, can you believe it? I am not over due per se but this is beginning to feel tedious. These nine months have been the longest! I shared my wonderful pregnancy discomforts Pregnancy Woes Just coming from my check up and it looks like Princess has turned, head down and... Continue Reading →

Princess Zuva

Submerged in this wonderful amniotic sac and enjoying the buoyancy of this little aquatic paradise. The steady rhythm of her heart beat, a sweet serenade. The translucent walls of the womb diffusing light into beautiful fiery orange rays. Nourished and nurtured,a budding life blossoms. 6 months later... Well that escalated pretty fast. Aquatic paradise? Not... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Woes

Here is the thing, if you see a pregnant woman be nice to her, smile, and show some kindness because she is going through a hell unknown to most. The experience is comparable to the sweet nectarine taste of grape fruit and the unexpected harsh after taste. The beauty of bringing a new life into... Continue Reading →

The Shape of Things to Come

Gosh, why do I have to use public transport today? Pregnancy back aches and round ligament pains do no get along with these raggedy ass kombis. I am so irritated right now. I want to punch something. It takes me 10 minutes to climb into a kombi and actually settle down, while an impatient conductor... Continue Reading →

The Chronicles of a Pregnant Man

The wrenching sounds startled me, in sleep reverie I dragged myself from bed. The bedside clock flickered, darn 5.30am. This is the fourth time this week. I fetched a damp towel and opened the bathroom door. There he was hunched over the porcelain bowel, splattered with last nights dinner. This man needs to see a... Continue Reading →

The Predicament of a Man in Pregnancy labor

The peaceful Sunday nap that I was enjoying was the calm before the storm. Little 9 months of cognitive-hormonal-facticity were conjuring into one hell of a Sarajevo incident. I was rudely awakened by the pop sound of breaking waters followed by intense contractions that toppled each other. Panic ensued.   I had planned a silent,... Continue Reading →

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