Free The Rectum

Plugged in like a cork in the neck of a champagne bottle Please ease the bowels full throttle Rip it up, farts are the screams of trapped poo Churn the contents of the rectum into goo A slight tear, rectal bleeding  Anal sphincters squeeze tight, wear you like a ring An oath to a laxative... Continue Reading →


The acrimony of the Gorgon Medusa A  mythology, the triangle of Bermuda The fury of the wind and swiftness of lightning , save us Saint Lucia The gods can't hear our cries, ears deadened even of Bhuda Her eyes a deep aquamarine green, the beauty of a goddess yet so gruesome Medusa slain by her own rumination.... Continue Reading →

The Wistful Lady of Purgatory

The sinking feeling of a heart oscillating from side to side A shattering discord, a cracking heart, teary eyed Each piece a different note, chiming in a pensive sound the blood curdling howls of the hell hound The evil grasps a handful of my soul yanking it, nothing left but a black hole The smoldering embers... Continue Reading →

Mirror on the Wall

Smoke and mirrors Hold up a mirror to society A faint smile. Smoke screen There is a sobbing behind the screen A mirror that bears nothing but sad veracity  Forlorn and bare verisimilitude  Reflections paradox to the melancholy of an old soul Another smile? No, a mirage Illusions, the shadows of the great truth A canvas... Continue Reading →

The Kiss of Judas

A cold frigid peck of deception Unraveling a sequence of  dark inception  The heart speaks a different language, extrasensory perception A rhythm that chimes in with wistful retrospection Beautiful days drenched in laughter and innate affection The delightful recollections  a soulful reflection Sentimental falsehood the face of treachery The whispers of an ophidian, a vague memory Clad in duplicity... Continue Reading →

Hades Breath

I could hear the twigs breaking behind me I fell face flat in the damp heath Scurried clumsily on my feet with fright I felt the ventricles pump blood into the atrium He was gaining ground, I could feel it I didn't want to die, Not now at least The precious scenes of my life... Continue Reading →

A Jolly Good Fellow

For he is a jolly good fellow A whimsical bearded companion Tall, dark and witty ally My munchkin handsome tally The molly wacker banana I love to eat an acreage of banana Ooops don't whistle to my nana We are a raunchy delirious duo A naughty harmonized duet Skipping along the boulevard of enchantment It's... Continue Reading →

WBC Day 2| A Dog Named Coco

She is furry ball convulated with caramel mosaic A small pup, elfin but archaic Floppy ears, button nose, stumpy legs A dash of adorableness and a pinch of cuteness on deck Keri Russell, Jane Russell, Leon Russell none like Coco my Jack Russell Wagging tail, hanging tongue, excitement debut No time for catch she throws... Continue Reading →

The Stolen Birthday Cake

May 17 a rogue queen was born A Friday night 2019 mayhem, Jerusalem thorn Fresh cream, strawberries, vanilla delight Hold on, blood sucking Malaria Parasite Its my birthday and the cake is here Bite in the the savory sweetness, its my year Lurking in the darkness a scrounging crook A moment later standing still shook An empty cake stand A... Continue Reading →

The Wintry Voice of A Wench

Take a walk for a mile in my shoes? like the vile of your own issues stark naked  beneath the summer linen A shudder,  the bellowing winds of a villain Pardon me sir, with the slur as thick as shit Excuse my french, fuck things up a tidbit A shot of scotch like a rich bitch As sober as... Continue Reading →

Pricked by a Rose

The rouge hue. Rouge and not Rogue enthralling tinge of blush Unyielding flustering flush Another rhyme fest really Rogue? Its getting tired like Kylie Minogue Oh for Pete's sake can we have a different dialogue? Pricked by a Rose is a monologue Get it to it we need an epilogue Are you the Rose Rogue?... Continue Reading →

A Little Landlocked Country

A little landlocked country with no seaport Snuggled in, shaped like a teapot Anchored by ceasarism We huddle in the stormy weather of absolutism A harp strings a song filled with sobriety The wails of a nation is not a priority A dominating element of elitism Conjugated with stalinism and cynicism The iron fist of... Continue Reading →

The Devils Throne

The swords of dead valiant knights fused by dragon fire A seat for murderers and blood thirsty vampires Perched on the cold iron The House of Targaryen. Fire and Blood. An incestuous heritage of the three headed dragon Housed in Kings Landing. Soddom and Gomorrah Female orchids strewn in the streets to be bludgeoned by... Continue Reading →

Prisoner of My Own Heart

The raw emotions invaded my soul A mangled heart with a chaotic rhythm, It is a black hole Cracks on the surface blood seeps out from the artriole Rescue me from this incarceration, parole I cant breathe like a goldfish out of its bowl A dark aura that comes out at night like a troll... Continue Reading →


Racist pharmacist refused to sell a Negro some Paracetamol My ego denied me to beg this parasite-rat-mole. Like a Moabite I bite back Pull out my revolver, it's my instant resolver A morbid resolution. My only solution. See my Nana been ill She been in pain for real. But this superior antagonism undermines the realism... Continue Reading →

Goodbye My Lover

Reminiscing about the love you gave me Hiden under the cloak of chivalry, I couldn't save me The glistening sweat on my body you made me Screaming, digging my nails into your flesh, can you blame me? Finding your affections veer in the opposite direction But what is the point when I still hurt in... Continue Reading →

Adiós Diablo!

It almost felt like you had won Because I bled a puddle of torn Trudging on and on and on Relentless but worn You see you tried to burn me down But I came back from the ashes Like king I am, I bore my crown Although I felt the agony of every stroke of... Continue Reading →


The fruit of my womb The core of my being To name you a king, is all that could be To love endlessly without inhibition Unconditional.Untainted.Pure.Rare. Blood of my blood. An extension of myself You reign on this throne to king in this life The mother queen to raise a man of valor A man... Continue Reading →


I did not choose life. I chose death The day I said I do I walked in the boulevard of my last breath How was I to know, my end was my groom My wedding bouquet was to adorn my grave How could this be when my all I gave? The hands that caressed my... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: by K. Morris

The Girl Who Wasn't There I am the girl who wasn't there.I did not sit upon that chair,playing provocatively with my hair.I did not drink that expensive wine,While gazing on your paintings fine.I did not recline under the quilt so red,Or moan with exstasy in your bed.If by chance, an earing she should find,Worry not,... Continue Reading →

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