Old School Music Friday!!!

Okay, I don't do this every Friday, but I have a vibe today and it's old school hip-hop and R&B vibe. See, I am listening to this playlist that takes me way back and I am having such a fun nostalgic day. I thought what the hell lemme spread the happiness mojo. Anyone who knows... Continue Reading →

A Day With Makaitah

I was thinking about today's blog post, so I decided to live blog about my Monday and here we are. Today I was late for work ( I hope my boss doesn't bump into this ) and I knew I had set precedence for a really bad day. First of all, while I was trying... Continue Reading →

Taking Stock!

I thought okay its time to take stock of myself and I found this great questionnaire on Personal Development by Steven Aitichison  It is crucial to find bearings of where you are heading as a person. A few days ago I felt lost and I wrote quite a sombre article Don't Bother Reading This Blog It was one of those days,... Continue Reading →

Facing My Demons

For three decades a wench adapted migratory characteristics of evading her demons. Mainly by refusing to take notice and intentionally disregarding them. I firmly maintained this idiosyncratic belief despite being contradicted by reality and rationality. There is a sense of false tranquility when you just say fuck this life and go back to bed at... Continue Reading →

The Lucid Dreams of Nostalgia

Sometimes I wonder about my nine month uterine life. The intimate cacoon of the placenta and the aquatic lifestyle in the warm amniotic fluids. The images and sensation of a tangerine aquarium with a musical accompaniment of a pulsating heart. A beautiful nine month purgatory that birthed a series of events mashed up together creating... Continue Reading →

Just Another Day

The curse of a blinking cursor is what your favorite has been going through. I realised that sometimes we put unwarranted pressure on ourselves. This imaginary dry spell is a delusion created by my maniac mind. Creativity is the imagination's production of artistic work. It has never been a problem for me. Not to blow... Continue Reading →

One Eerie Night

The distinctive threatening atmosphere of the night has the nape of my neck on its ends. An invisible emanation of lurk. My phone is dead, I can not alert the man to wait for me by the bus stop. This drop off is a famous mug spot. I jump out of the kombi my heart... Continue Reading →

The Curse of a Resting Bitch Face.

All my life, literally all my life I have been fighting the emotionless, angry, irritated, contemptuous expression that comes naturally to me. I have to remind myself to smile, get my facial muscles to loosen and create some sort of friendly looking face. But unconsciously, I revert back to the infamous Resting Bitch Face. I... Continue Reading →

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