Run Red Riding Hood! Run!

I have been thinking about the story of Little Red Riding Hood and it looks like I am edging towards dismembering a couple of folktales. Cinderella , Snow white , Rapunzel and all the other fantasy sadism. All the parabolic nuance is awesome, hey I have read outlandish theories and I must say even I... Continue Reading →

10 Crazy Motherhood Moments

Motherhood is cray, I am telling you it is the craziest thing to ever happen to a woman. How we remain sane in the midst of it all is a prodigy. There is no guideline to being a mother, human beings drop from your vagina and you just wing it. Sometimes you feel like you... Continue Reading →

Flu Outbreak in Zimbabwe

There is a bug that has been going around lately, affecting children and babies. It's some equatorial H3N2 bug from the pits of hell. It's the worst kind of flu that results in bronchitis, fever and pneumonia. I have a two year old son and a five month old daughter who have gone through purgatory... Continue Reading →

The Predicament of a Man in Pregnancy labor

The peaceful Sunday nap that I was enjoying was the calm before the storm. Little 9 months of cognitive-hormonal-facticity were conjuring into one hell of a Sarajevo incident. I was rudely awakened by the pop sound of breaking waters followed by intense contractions that toppled each other. Panic ensued.   I had planned a silent,... Continue Reading →

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