Run Red Riding Hood! Run!

I have been thinking about the story of Little Red Riding Hood and it looks like I am edging towards dismembering a couple of folktales. Cinderella , Snow white , Rapunzel and all the other fantasy sadism. All the parabolic nuance is awesome, hey I have read outlandish theories and I must say even I... Continue Reading →

Related but Not Family

I have been thinking about this a lot. Family, falls in a socio-bracket of people who contribute to your mental, physical and emotional wellness. Does this mean that everyone who is related to you is really family? I don’t think so; relatives are a kindred people of genealogy that you are born in to. Friends... Continue Reading →

WBC Day 4|Black Panther is a Shit Movie

Someone had to say it, Black Panther is the most overrated movie in the film industry. I get it, everyone being pumped about the fist Marvel African superhero movie. The concept is certainly spine-tingling and expectations are undoubtedly high,until the first ten minutes of the movie, I felt like gorging my eyeballs out. Let me... Continue Reading →

WBC Day 1| Feminazi Vs Feminist

You must be wondering what in the hell is WBC, ladies and gentleman it is the WINTER BLOGGING CHALLENGE 2019 brought to you by Afrobloggers. All blogging cadets across Africa have been challenged to blog every single day of the month of June! An imperial test in this blogging realm and I am ready for... Continue Reading →

Are Men Really Trash?: The Re-Up

Let us assume, truth is a man. This is a weird analogy but this dogma can lead to some interesting discoveries. Stay with me. Truth, that which is true in accordance with fact or reality. I must admit that its laughable paralleling men with a quality of being true considering they are familiar with breaking... Continue Reading →

Why Are Women Mean to Each Other?

I once read a tweet that said, “If women ruled the world, there will be no wars. Just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other.” Although we might appreciate the good humor, I was amused by the underlying literary miscellany, ridiculing the vices and flaws of women. Why are the majority of... Continue Reading →

Dear Side Chicks

This is a letter to all side chicks in the world and over, from married women. I write in my own capacity as a woman of clarity and directness. This might leave you in damp spirits but serves its purpose to paint over grey areas that you seem to be ignorant of.   Firstly, I... Continue Reading →

Are Men Really Trash?

If I had a dollar for every time I read, “Men are trash” on social media? I would be a multi-billionaire. I have been at my whims trying to restrain myself from addressing this plague of bitterness. Last week I watched with horror as one female rose to object and was coerced into silence.  ... Continue Reading →

No Woman No cry

I sat in the forlorn darkness of my room heavily hung with dysphoria. Born with two strikes, damned with a vagina and growing up in a rearward, regressive society.  Embracing the darkness and finding alleviation from the demons that haunt me. Licking the wounds of my cognitive pain with tears of despondence. Suicide is my... Continue Reading →

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