Taking Stock!

I thought okay its time to take stock of myself and I found this great questionnaire on Personal Development by Steven Aitichison  It is crucial to find bearings of where you are heading as a person. A few days ago I felt lost and I wrote quite a sombre article Don't Bother Reading This Blog It was one of those days,... Continue Reading →

The Rise of the Roguestar

The name Rogue is unsettling, she looked at me with utter disdain. Who wants to masquerade as a dishonest or unprincipled person? Oh let the world know, here comes the Roguestar, badum tiss, with a fanfare of crooks and criminals. I was unpeturbed, I gazed at Makaitah and knew that the time had come, the... Continue Reading →

The Dawn Of The Zombie Apocalypse

I might have a morbid obsession with zombies, seeing this is not the first time we have discussed zombies on this blog, retro The Undead This has nothing to do with my extreme and irrational fear of the zombie apocalypse. I feel my intuition can guide and wake us up from this nonchalant conduct towards... Continue Reading →

Hello September!

Well, hey there September! The assurance of summer, the beginning of festivities and the arrival of Princess Zuva! The month of positive vibes and good cheer. Winter is officially over, its time to bring out flip flops, summer dresses, sun glasses, everything bright and colourful. Except for Crocs. Please put those back. Matter of fact,... Continue Reading →

In A Perfect World

In a perfect world, Mufasa would have lived longer than ten minutes in the Lion King movie.   In a perfect world, Itai Dzamara would be home with his wife and kids.   In a perfect world, Michael Jackson would be here instead of Justine Bieber. Whitney Houston would be here so would Aaliyah, left-eye... Continue Reading →


Cheers to the year 2017! Here is to another year of awesomeness of great magnitude. The plans I have for this year are crazy! 2017 come here you, I am going to wear you like a bracelet, moon walk all over you like ceramic floor, wipe the floor with your face, raid your villages, after... Continue Reading →

The AWOL Blogger

The great magician is back! Famous for my disappearing and reappearing acts! How long have I been out? Two weeks and it felt like an eternity! Well life can be pretty overwhelming, we moved to a bigger place and better neighbourhood. Settling in proved to be more than a mission, I seriously considered a life... Continue Reading →

My Perfect Imperfections

So my dentist caught me off guard with a rather offensive suggestion. "Why don't we fill up that gap between your two front teeth?" He chimed. Whoa! He really went in ignorantly walked on them egg shells. The gap has been my biggest insecurity for over half of my life and I recently embraced it.Now... Continue Reading →

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