FALLEN: Chapter 18

The Return of Eve. A ghostly bearing that  hung in the atmosphere was so thick you could slice it with a knife. A tremendous eruption followed by an earth shattering roar that dislodged the tectonic plates and made the planet shudder. A blood curdling scream reverberated in the air. The earth was a canvas shaking... Continue Reading →

Fallen: Chapter 17

A continuation from Fallen: Chapter 16 Brael shook his head with vehemence that caught Gabriel's attention. The older angel smiled and tapped his shoulder with his angling staff, ' Brael, whatever that happens on the little blue orb will not shake the foundations of heaven" as an after thought, he added, " He will remain... Continue Reading →

Fallen: Chapter 16

A Continuation from Chapter 15 An atmosphere of abstruity pervaded the garden of Eden, a stillness that made Eve oddly uncomfortable as she looked incredulously at Lucifer. The tectonic plates beneath Eden shifted causing a slight tremor. Lucifer gazed at Eve ignoring the seismic disturbance and creating a hiatus that revealed a dark streak of... Continue Reading →

Fallen: Chapter 15

Continuation from Fallen: Chapter 14 Adam basked in the distinctive beauty and detail of creation. The power and authority bestowed upon him to rule the world was of high renown. Earth was magnificent, its gorgeous features and splendour sustained a continuous streak of general happiness. Adam oozed out another type of hapiness, a warm feeling... Continue Reading →

Fallen Chapter 14

A continuation from Fallen: Chapter 13 Dzidzai was awakened by the pounding of her head and nimbly touched the back of her head were Rambai had hit her with a foot stool. The wound was healing, she felt the hard scab of blood clot and opened her eyes only to shut them in reflex reaction... Continue Reading →

Fallen: Chapter 13

A continuation from Fallen: Chapter 12 Lucifer tried over and over again to harm Adam but he could not break the dimensional barrier that was between them. He tried getting in his head as a thought or a feeling but he was set up for failure. He spent hours standing beside him shouting in his... Continue Reading →

Fallen: Chapter 12

A Continuation from Fallen: Chapter 11 Dzidzai and Rambai arrived home in total silence. Rugare had spotted them as they approached the house from down the street. He was surprised to see his mother but mostly by her scandalous dress and heavy make-up. “Mum,” he said boring into her eyes, searching for a glimpse of... Continue Reading →

Fallen: Chapter 11

A Continuation from Fallen: Chapter 10 Rambai tried to carry unconscious Dzidzai, he staggered for a couple of meters under her weight and gently put her down on the road side. He was angry at his psychotic wife, he shook his head contemplating on leaving her. She was extra dead weight that he didn’t need,... Continue Reading →

Fallen: Chapter 10

A Continuation from Fallen: Chapter 9 The post-apocalyptic mayhem had taken over the city of Harare with the most severity, intensity and disadvantageous degree. Zimbabwe being a third world country had suffered the least favourable outcome. The mass disappearance of people had left gaps and loopholes everywhere, which led to looting and vandalism of property.... Continue Reading →

Fallen: Chapter 9

A Continuation from Fallen: Chapter 8 The cataclysmic atmosphere was parallel to the predicted allusions of a disastrous outcome. Tashamiswa woke up unaware of the fact that her life was aligned with the collapsing of civilisation. She lay on her mother’s front lawn recollecting the series of events that had resulted in her present status.... Continue Reading →

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