Chenai (The Finale)

Tariro had just turned 18 years and signed up for the army. I had blossomed into a head turning young lady and pretty much used to the gawks and wagging tongues from all kinds of perverts. Working as a data collector for a research institute I managed to make a decent income to take care... Continue Reading →


I can never forget the night Tariro and I packed our small backpacks and snuck out in the night to our aunt’s house. She was my mother’s older sister who lived three streets away from us. Seeking refuge from her was the last resort. Earlier on father walked in to my room stark naked and... Continue Reading →

Chenai: Part 1

I held my breath trying to listen if there was anyone else breathing in the room. Dang, the silence was unnerving. I could hear my pulse loud in my ear; my heart beat a rhythmic rendition of its own, manifesting a new wave of fear. I cried at the self-inflicted circumstance, the stupidity and careless... Continue Reading →

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