The Dark Mistress 7

Nerudo stuck in a purgatory of perpetual agony watched Sasha wear him like a puppet. He was in a never-ending loop of sleep paralysis, with no control of his body or actions. He screamed in his mind shocked by the words that came out of his mouth designed by his ventriloquist, Sasha. He really never believed in black magic until he became a stooge stuck in his own body. He desperately needed to break out of this. Nerudo watched himself in horror as he handed Sasha his life savings from the secret safe. $500k American dollars. Fuck you Sasha, I swear I am gonna kill you! He screamed in his mind. He thought about the sex, this witch raped him every night until she fell pregnant. Maybe this is a damnation for cheating on his wife. Melissa sleeping with FJ tore his soul out, but they could work things out if he breaks out he could be a better man, a better husband, and father. Nerudo had been a shitty husband to Melissa, he didn’t blame her for falling prey to Farai’s charm. Fuck you FJ. If only he could break out of this dark enchantment before his life was destroyed beyond rehabilitation.

The doctors were on a strike and there was no coroner for Joanna’s post mortem. Her death will remain a mystery albeit high suspicions of poisoning because her corpse was found in her own vomit. Melissa snort bubbled as she watched the coffin descend into the dirt. Death, such a cruel entity to take such a young bubbly girl with a promising future. Johanna was just 23 years, fresh from university and starting out on her career. Her funeral was performed with full solemnity strung by thick grief that comes with sudden death. Melissa looked at Johanna’s distraught parents and she could not imagine the pain they were going through. Who would want Johanna dead? She didn’t have a boyfriend, ex maybe? Melissa could not fathom anyone trying to harm sweet Jo. The world was a wicked place. After the unexpected death of Johanna, Melissa immediately took a premature maternity leave. She could not cope coming to an empty reception. Saturday morning, 3 days after burial, Melissa was back at the Airbnb spooning with FJ. She turned to face him, “Nerudo sent a box of chocolates to the office.” FJ felt his heart sink, ” Aaaand?” Melissa studied his face, gosh he was gorgeous, “And a note, he wanted to talk things over…but then he didn’t follow up with that…or pick up the phone…. didn’t even eat those chocolates, gave them to Johnna.” FJ’s face clouded, ” You gave the chocolates to Joanna and she was found dead the next morning?” Melissa blinked and glared at FJ, “Noooo, you think?”, FJ sat up and impetuously started putting on his shoes. “FJ? Tell me you are not thinking what I am thinking? Nerudo tried to kill me?!” FJ took his jacket and keys, “No, Nerudo is not capable of murder, it’s that bitch that he is shacking up with.” Melissa slumped on the headboard, ” Where are you going then?.” FJ kissed her on the forehead, ” To put that bitch in her place.” He gave her a wary smile. “Sasha murdered Joanna that’s one thing for sure. Don’t leave. It’s safer for you here. I will be back.” He turned on his heels and left. Melissa’s head reeled, this is the dream her mum has been having. She picked her phone and punched her mother’s number, ” Mama, please send mukoma Simon to pick me up, I will text the directions.”

Sasha watched as FJ backed out of the driveway and she smiled, Miss little sunshine was alone in the house. Sasha saw the Facebook post on Melissa’s timeline. A clear picture of the girl who had stood in front her car and disappeared. The caption, “RIP Joanna Sande, gone too soon.” Collateral damage, this time she will do it right. She grabbed a machete wrapped in a black cloth. If she had to rip the baby from the stomach, then so shall it be. She hurriedly walked up to the gate, darn it, it was locked. She felt for the small gate pushing each metal panel and she found a flap opening to the gate latch. She fumbled with the latch and boom, the small gate creaked open. Her heart was racing as she stepped into the yard, the house well hidden behind a thicket of trees and bushes. She hid behind the pine shrubs that edged along the driveway. She scurried behind the house and tiptoed up the small stairs to the back patio. Sasha pulled the cloth from the machete and gripped the handle with both hands.

Melissa felt uneasy and locked the bedroom door. Someone was really after her life? That Sasha girl will stop at nothing to ruin her. Is this a way of stopping the divorce so they could claim everything? She felt an onset of a panic attack and she knelt down on all fours breathing heavily. She heard a loud pop sound from her belly and copious amounts of liquid rushed from between her legs. Melissa froze, ” My water broke, oh my god!” She screamed.

Sasha heard that loud and clear. What are the odds of her waters breaking at this very moment? Sekuru’s words rang in her mind, ” The other baby must not be born. Kill it.” This bitch was not going to ruin it for her. She smashed the small kitchenette window with the machete, and squeezed in while shards of glass pierced her knees, she didn’t care. “Melissa! Where are you, honey?! Sasha walked in the corridor and opened the first door on her right, damn it was the bathroom. Melissa almost jumped out of her skin when she heard the glass shatter, she crawled to the other side of the bed and grabbed her handbag, amniotic fluids still leaking. She took her phone out and called the ambulance. She sent her location as per request and then called FJ, “Farie! Someone broke into the house….yes, it’s locked. Okay…another thing…I am in labor!.” She put the phone in her bra and looked wildly around for something that she could use for defense. She doubled down in pain, the cramps so intense that she clenched her teeth. The cramps ebbed away and that’s when he heard her, calling out her name. This must be a bad scene from a thriller movie, Melissa yanked the cord of the bedside lamp from the plug, removed the lamp shade and held it as a club. The warm liquid still trickling out. Sasha walked to the door at the end of the corridor, ” Melissa are you in there sweetie?” She put her ear to on the door. Melissa stood still watching the door, she could not believe the nerve of this woman! Another wave of cramps, she tried to muffle her screams with her left hand cupped around her mouth. The cramps were too close to each other. 3 mins apart. Sasha heard the muffled scream, she pushed the door but it was locked. She kicked it, “Bitch open the door!” She yelled.

Mukoma Simon parked by the gate and pressed the intercom receiver. After five minutes of no response, he jumped out of the car and entered through the small gate. He would politely ask for Mrs Matavire, he thought.

FJ had grossly underestimated Sasha. He immediately knew she had been spying on them and that is how Nerudo found out that he was sleeping with Melissa. This could not be happening as his car screeched to a halt along The Chase road, and almost causing a trail accident behind him. He made a U-turn ignoring the other drivers cursing and hurling insults at him. He had to get to Melissa before it was too late, Sasha could be there.

The Mars ambulance sirens blasted as it tore along Sam Munjoma Road and going through red traffic lights.

Tererai knelt in her bedroom and said loudly and boldly, “No weapon fashioned against my daughter Melissa shall prosper! You have no power over my daughter in the name of Jesus! Leave right now!”

Nerudo, sat in Sasha’s extravagant Victorian style lounge staring at the wall. He fought in his mind trying to gain control of himself. He closed his eyes and with all his might, he open them and started coughing. He coughed out what looked like bloody fur balls. He stood up, looking incredulously around him and he said loudly, “Fuck I am back!”

To be continued….

Stay Tuned for The Dark Mistress Finale on Friday 7 February 10:00hrs

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