The Dark Mistress 6

Tererai did not sleep all night as she prayed fervently for her daughter. The nightmare of Melissa being stabbed to death rattled her enough to crank up her hypertension. A horrible deja vu, she closed her eyes and whispered, “Oh Edmund my son, I will do it right this time.” At 4:15 am she decided to sleep but she blinked in the semi-darkness of dawn finding sleep elusive. The woman in her nightmare, who was she? Her face was familiar but she could not exactly place it. At 6:00 am it was pointless to try and sleep, her husband was awake as she watched him stare at the ceiling fan without blinking. She sighed silently and rose from the creaking bed and opened the windows. A loud clamor from the front yard almost gave her a heart attack. Tererai ran to the living room and peeked through the curtains. What a sight, heavily pregnant Melissa trudged through the driveway with several suitcases strewn on the front lawn. She opened the door her heart racing, ” Oh dear, another fight with Nerudo?” She noticed her daughter’s tear-stained face. Melissa broke into tears dropping her purse and rushing into her mother’s arms. ” Hush child, not in your condition please calm down.” Tererai felt a tug at her heart, men. “Come inside and tell me all about it” She led her daughter into the living room.

Sasha was losing it with Nerudo, he seemed as if he was losing a marble by the day. He spent most of the day in the small apartment cleaning, cooking and even stopped going to work entirely. Sasha really never had a job per se, she lived from the generosity of older men who sought after her affections and sometimes she made trips to China or Dubai to buy and sell clothes. She relied heavily on her sexual appeal to scam men of their money. Nerudo was an exception she was willing to make despite the 15-year gap, she was 25 years old. She was determined to make him her husband. Sekuru helped her to attract older wealthy men, with the alluring power of the tribal incisions on her back. Sasha would simply sit in a bar and all the men would be alluded to her. She enjoyed the game as she watched them trip themselves over her. Nerudo’s new domesticated schedule stifled her not to mention she lost her freedom to relinquish in her other “business.” She watched while he cleared the table that morning after breakfast, “Nerudo baby, make the bed and run the tub for me.” Without hesitancy, he was in the bedroom making the bed. Sasha didn’t realise the power of this juju, sekuru really made one of the most powerful man in the city her personal robot. She chuckled to herself and picked a neatly trimmed sandwich. One more thing to do and she knew Nerudo will be hers forever.

Melissa spent the morning with her mother. She hated stressing her but at this point, she needed her more than ever. She left for work, wishing her maternity leave could start earlier but she had two more weeks. Joanna the receptionist broke into a smile as she walked in, ” Good morning Mrs. Matavire, there is a package for you here.” She chirped. Melissa looked at the heart-shaped box on the table. FJ, she thought. “Thank you Joanna”, she said as she took the box to her office. She sat on the swivel chair and ripped open the note on the box. Melissa my wife, Can we talk please. I miss you so bad. Her heart lurched as she read the note over again. Looks like mother’s prayers are effective she smiled. She opened the box, filled with chocolates and felt nauseated. This pregnancy was very picky. She rang Joanna, ” This is your lucky day Jo, come get some chocolates.” Joanna squealed from the other end of the line, ” Coming right up!” Melissa thought about her mother’s nightmare and doubted it was a premonition. Ever since Edmund died her mother became extremely paranoid but just to make her feel at ease she will take a half day and go home.

Sasha sat on an outside table by Ocean Basket restaurant, crowd watching and imagining different life scenarios of people as they passed by. She spotted him walking towards her, Amos, a big grim man who looked like he was going to burst out of his clothes. “Make it quick, Sasha, I have things to do.” Amos did not bother with pleasantries. ” I have interesting news for you Mos, you might need to sit down for this one”, she asserted. Amos threw himself on the opposite chair and glared at her, “Well? Spit it out then, I don’t have all day”, he said clearly aggravated. “I am pregnant with your baby Amos”, she said casually. Amos looked at her for a few seconds before bursting into boisterous laughter. Sasha didn’t expect that reaction, but she didn’t care, she was going to milk every cow in town. Amos leaned across the table, ” Sorry to break it down to you honey, but sadly my babies don’t swim that far. Hello? 7years of marriage and no kids” He folded his arms over his chest and looked at her with a glimmer of triumph.” Everything you are doing is going to bite back, whatever voodoo black magic Sasha, it never ends well.” Sasha laughed nervously, ” okay, it looks like I was barking up the wrong tree.” She stood up but Amos grabbed her wrist, ” You did something to me when I slept with you, you somehow made me sleep with you, I am on to you bitch and whatever you did to Nerudo it’s coming to an end fast.” Taken aback, Sasha pulled her hand from him and walked away.

Melissa arrived at the office but Jonna was not at the reception. She could use some of her chirpy energy to brighten up her morning. Her phone beeped, a message from FJ: We need to talk over lunch. FJ had to wait, she was upset with Nerudo, one moment he is sending her chocolates the next he is not even picking up her calls and she is still blocked. What kind of games was he playing? Her boss walked in and stared at her without saying a word. “Is everything okay sir?” She inquired. “It’s Joanna….she…she was found dead in her room this morning.” His voice cracked in to a whisper. Melissa froze, unable to gather her senses she heard herself scream. Not sweet happy Joanna! Yesterday she was here full of life, how can this be?!

Sekuru Gutu threw white clean bones on the floor and started making hissing sounds of a snake. “The baby is still alive, do you want your child to live?” Sasha bit her lower lip, “My plan didn’t work out, I will try something else.” Sekuru pointed behind Sasha, and who is the girl you brought here?” Sasha looked at sekuru puzzled, “I came alone sekuru.” He shook his head, ” The girl that you came with sitting behind you!”, he pointed again. Sasha looked back but there was no one. “Child, what have you done?” His cross-eyed assistant shrunk back to the wall. “Be gone!” He yelled at her. Sasha scrambled from the floor and ran out. She sat in her car, with shaky hands she lit a cigarette and looked up. In front of her car stood a girl in an oversized t-shirt. She started at Sasha and disappeared.

To be continued

Stay tuned for The Dark Mistress 7, on Wednesday 5 February 2020, 0800hrs

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