The Dark Mistress 1

Nerudo rubbed his temples slowly losing his patience. ” So you just used me innit?” Sasha hissed while drumming her fingers on the dashboard of Nerudo’s Ford Ranger. “Babe, I need you to listen. My wife found out about us and all I am asking for, is to lay low until things cool down”. This was the third time trying to make Sasha understand his predicament but she was not hearing him. ” So what if she found out? When was the last time you had sex with her? Who has been holding you down all this time? Me! I helped you with Paida’s fees! I paid for your car service. Why should I be punished for loving you?!” Uncontrollable tears gushed out, “Answer me damnit!” Nerudo took a deep breath and looked straight ahead. This time his voice was hardly audible, ” What matters is now Sasha, I need to save my marriage and we can not be reckless anymore. All I am asking you is just time so I can iron out things with Melissa, that’s all.” Her body racked with sobs and she hastily wiped the tears with the back of hand. “What about me? Nerudo? What about me? So, I am just going to wait? For how long?” She said in a frantic loud whisper. Nerudo gazed at her and shook his head. What was I thinking? He thought. Sasha was now a problem that would simply not go away. His wife was 6 months pregnant and he needed to man up and be there for her. She will not miscarry again. Sasha had to wait until the baby was born. “Four months, that’s all I am asking for. No texting, no meeting up and no calling.”

Sasha knew Nerudo was breaking up with her. 4 months of time-out is a polite way of saying it’s over. 2 years of her life she gave her all to this man and now this crazy bitch wife was about to ruin it all. What is so special about her anyway? She is a basic plain Jane, connect the dots looking heifer. She threw her head back and laughed. A cold bitter cackle escaped from her throat. ” 4 months? Baby please don’t do this. Let’s get inside my apartment and we talk about this properly.” She knew he could not resist her, she had to seduce him that night. It was very important and she would put out the performance of her life to keep this man. ” I have Glenfiddich 12 year single malt” she continued as she inched closer to him and ran her fingers up his thigh. ” We just need to calm down baby and talk about this, come let’s get inside”, she grabbed his crotch and with quick rough reflex, he pushed her hand away. He kept quiet, set jaw, looking straight ahead. “Nerudo please, I am begging you…Listen baby we can be discre-” His phone vibrated in his hand. He looked at Sasha and pressed his index finger on his lips and answered the phone. “Hey babe, right…okay, yes I know baby…will be there in 15… Okay, I love you too babe.” The last words rang in the car, crushing Sasha’s heart into smithereens. “Wow, Neru, just wow.” Sasha felt her throat constrict. ” What about the divorce huh, that was a lie too? Huh? You lied to me!!!” She screamed. Nerudo kept quiet and continued to look straight ahead. For the first time she saw it, right on his face. Annoyance. He was irritated and she lost it. She slapped him hard on his face, ” Answer me for fucks sake, say something!!! Nerudo got out of the car and walked to her side, violently opening her door. Through gritted teeth he said calmly at the same time with freezing menace, ” Get. Out. Of my car, it’s over, we done. Now get out.”

Sasha sat there eyes wide open in absolute disbelief. ” Baby I am sorry wait-” Nerudo had been patient with her. They had sat in the car outside her apartment for two hours. He grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her out. He banged the door and walked to the drivers side without uttering a single word. Sasha ran in front of the car, “I am not letting you go Nerudo!” He stared at her and turned the ignition on and the lights of the car glared at her. She stood there like a deer caught in headlights. He felt a tug on his heart but he had to do this. He put the car in reverse and backed down the street, flooring the accelerator. Sasha ran after him, bare foot with her heels in her hands, ” Nerudo please!” She screamed. He stopped at a curb, a safe distance from Sasha, made a left turn into the main road and drove off.

Sasha, knelt inthe middle of the tarred road and cried. She looked on as he drove off, she felt light headed, queasy and instantly she puked right there. She retched as most of her supper came out in gooey beige paste. She picked herself up and staggered to her apartment. It looks like the bottle of Glenfiddich was going to keep her company tonight. She threw herself on the leather recliner, strangling the bottle of whiskey by it’s neck. She took a chug and started sobbing uncontrollably again. Sasha took out her phone, and texted him through a blur of tears, I am going to kill myself tonight, thanks to you Nerudo. Have a nice life. She punched send and it single ticked. Wait a minute, did he block me? She thought. She could nolonger see his WhatsApp DP. Sonafabitch.

It took everything in Nerudo not to lash out at Sasha. Damn what a crazy woman he thought. At least I kept my calm. One thing he was afraid of was a backlash because Sasha was calculative and vindictive. He knew she had been talking to his wife. Melissa forwarded all the texts and that was the last straw. He had to put a lid on this brewing pot. He stopped a few blocks from his house, took out his phone and blocked Sasha on all social media platforms even on his pseudo Facebook account. A new slate, a chance to be a better man.

To be continued…

Check out the Dark Mistress Part 2 in the next blog. Friday 24 January 0800 hrs.

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