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Hey you, it is I, Makaitah Rogue your favorite blogger here to fill your meagre purses with the usual sarcastic impudence and literary prowess. I know you missed me but I saw it fit to take a break in the month of December 2019, as I indulged in regrettable profligacy and wasteful extravagance. I thereby proclaim that I was sucked in by the prodigal end-of-year-demon that comes disguised as the “festive season.” Yes, if you see a shoe by the road side it is mine. Amidst the debauchery and senseless over indulgence I made it alive. The world needs me and I have purpose people! A purpose to feed your minds. I am still hung from yester year’s blow out and dissolutness but be rest assured the fingers itch with stories to tell!

This would be a great opportunity to implore on a chirpy splurge of sunshine and rainbows farts. “Oh happy new year! New year, new me!”, and what note. That ship kinda sailed, notebly drawing nearer to 34 years old has made me acidy. There is an urge to refrain from indulging in plundering nonsensical epiphany conjured by the calender we greatly worship. I hate to be the Grinch that stole 2020 although I am right about grinchy but I am really starting the decade with strong spur of reprimand. I suck. I can’t denounce the fact that my life depends and abides by the motion of the earth around its axis. Time. We would be lost without it, this little planet would be a cesspool of chaos. Round the clock we go like a ferris wheel, yay it’s 2020. What am I doing differently this decade? Everything.

See with age, comes wisdom which eclipses to maturity. It’s not a decision thing but more of a growing up thing. A transition driven by life experience, an ongoing process and I feel I have began my journey as the Oracle of esprit. I am grateful for the good and bad things hurled my way because smash all these things together, the result is me. A versatile brilliant but defiant femme about to take over the world. Almost everything is a lesson (intentionally ‘almost’ because sometimes we go through shit for no absolute reason) The beginning of days, the sequence of events and we hang on to the chimes of a ticking clock. Life.

Update. I quit my job beginning of December and I felt the weight relieving itself off my shoulders. I did it in the most amicable way with impeccable savoir-faire but gosh, I had to clench my teeth in full restraint from retaliating to the hostility from my superiors. My resignation was met with antagonism and heads rolled. When people realise they have no power over someone they tend to forget how to act. I value professionalism, cooperate governance because it promotes productivity and great mental health. At the hand of my ex employers I could not thrive as I was stiffled by obsessive micro-managing. I asked myself, how do you reach your full potential when your wings are clipped? All the blood and sweat going unmerited, under valued and taken for granted? A void kept getting larger. A jolt of common sense and I knew I needed to escape (The Markle effect, you know Megxit? Okay nevermind). One email and the shackles fell off.

Now I can do what I love the most, writing. I will no longer do pro bono gigs, I am Makaitah Rogue and I am pretty awesome. So, I deserve to get paid for my writing (except for this blog ofcourse, y’all are my family but I will def sign up affiliate marketing and all of that)

I am happy to announce that my 2 year old daughter Riley can string a complete sentence. She says heart warming things like, ” I luh wuu mummy.” My four year old son Malik is 90% independent , he needs to get a job and move out. Anybody hiring a remote fetcher please let me know. My husband still squishes the tooth paste from the middle and forgets to close doors . I gained 50kg and I am probably heavier than our fridge. I should be starting my fitness journey soon, maybe next year. I feel this year is the inauguration of a great decade. My gut is never wrong, trust. I am back ofcourse, a bit lethargic from last year’s delirium tremens but the content is here.

Stay tuned for the next blog. I will notify you of my 2020 content calender. I am your slave, you sadistic harlequins. Oh, another thing. You have something in your teeth. (All that potato and muriwo)

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