The Predominant Rape Culture In Zimbabwe

There is a blog I wrote about how I am not a feminist but a humanist (totally off the grid). I wasn’t fully aware of the principles of feminism and how the odyssey of this movement has awarded women a lot of privileges that we currently enjoy. It is the most stupid thing to say in public and I made haste to rectify this simple  thinking in a blog, Feminazi Vs Feminist, where I wrote:

“Some time ago I proclaimed that I was not a feminist but a humanist. I look back at this statement and laugh at myself because feminism draws its dynamism from humanism. You can not say you are not a feminist but a humanist in the same breath, that will be talking from both sides of the mouth. The two principles are dependent on each other as feminism is an idiosyncrasy of humanism.”

The war is not over, we still have a long way to go: today I choose to tackle a tenacious and relentless ulcer that has been normalized in our society.  The rape culture, a passive-aggressive attitude, sometimes subtle but begets to sexual violence, humiliation, harassment of women and men. 

In this instance, the rape culture manifests in the collective human intellectualism of our society influenced by our African customs, beliefs, and ideas. Rape culture is a parasite incubated in a diverse plethora of different cultures across the world. It is a universal language of patriarchy that has sifted and turned on its own creators. Like the Free Masons and Illuminati, I believe that patriarchy originated in the same manner from an elite secret society of misogynists: Budding from a place of power, it thrived and infringed itself to acclimatize to different societies. 

Drawing back to Zimbabwe, the rape culture has become a deeply rooted social construct that actuate a certain behavioral trait and hostility towards victims of sexual crime. Furthermore trivializing rape as a normal occurrence and denying its impact on human lives.  Attributes that culminate in sexual crimes have been normalized and given rapists leverage to act out in the open without repercussions. It starts with rape jokes, substituting the word rape for sex as if they mean the same thing. Rape is not a synonym for sex. Calling rape victims liars and women feeling less safe in dubious situations than men. Women being told to take measures to prevent rape instead of reprimanding men not to rape. People do not fully understand the context of rape culture because of the dismissive and derogatory frame of mind towards it. In light of the 11th Principle: Consent by Ranger Cervix and Jaime Chandra they put everything into perspective with an infographic pyramid, from the minute misgivings to the heinous sexual crime. It is the little things that are swept under the carpet that proliferate and nurtures rape culture. 



The rape culture instigates rape by victim-blaming and shifting the paradigm to rape by provocation. Men easily get away with sexual harassment and catcalling. It is a normal day in the city of Harare were male individuals are regular sexual scoffers towards women, screaming derisive comments to humiliate and demean. No-one bats an eyelid. Every woman under the sun of this teapot shaped country has been sexually hounded at some point, in the streets or at work. I wrote my ordeal on sexual harassment some time ago, My First Encounter with Sexual Harassment It is us women who are asked to dress appropriately to protect ourselves from alluring rapists. The child in her home who is asked to dress “properly” because there is a pedophile in the house. Why are adults harboring a pedophile in the house and putting children at risk? Why is it a woman’s responsibility to deter a man’s sexual expression? Why can’t men harness their demon minds and act like normal people? 

Our culture perpetuates rape savoir-faire with such atrocities as child marriage and protecting rapist relatives to preserve the family bond. I am trying so hard to keep this article diplomatic so that it does not turn into a rant. I have written several blogs that gyrate around this topic, No Woman No Cry , Heal The World: Child ProstitutesCultural Partriachy In Zimbabwe: The boil on my Butt, Are Men Really Trash? Re-Up. I have been writing about this for a while now. Women should be able to fully express themselves without fear of being raped. MEN STOP RAPING WOMEN! There is no justification for rape, none whatsoever. Rapists and murderers to the guillotine. Do not touch a woman without consent (even in a non-sexual manner), do not stare, send unsolicited nudes, catcalling, sexual advances, revenge porn just refer back to the 11th principle infographic pyramid. 

The rape culture can only end if we renew our minds to the enlightenment of a better world. Finally, we can be free to be ourselves without the danger of a lurking rapist. It is possible, only if you can visualize it. Stop Raping Us and Stop Protecting Them.

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