The Culture of Whoredom Re-Up: PODCAST

So, my podcast is back and thriving! If you were not in the know, yours truly has a podcast, The Culture of Whoredom: launched in August this year. Upon realization that the episodes were piss poor and subpar, I deactivated the whole thing. I don’t do mediocre, period. My ears bled by just listening to endless blubber that was grossly presented. I took some time out: sometimes you need to step back and re-evaluate yourself from outside the box. A lot of things happened during my podcast break but I am glad that yesterday I published the first episode which is going to be the pilot episode of the podcast. I promise, this time there will be no digital conspiracy that will threaten any deactivation.


The beauty of being a blogger and having a podcast is that you can blog about your podcast, *cues* hysterical maniacal laughter while punching the keyboard. So there is that. This episode is called, The Culture of Whoredom Re-Up because I am re-introducing the dogma that propels the culture which is sex-positive-feminism. Growing up, deep in the bowels of patriarchy, nothing sat comfortably with me. Don’t dress like that, cover your body you will attract men and get raped they said. Do not be sexual and at this point, everything sounded ridiculous because how can you not be sexual when you have boobs right there on your chest? Honestly, I might as well bury myself and live under a rock. The jaws of patriarchy locked with the past generations, they hailed masculinity appropriated by male sexuality: while women were sexually repressed by the good girl moral code. Dangling marriage as a barometer that validated a woman’s worth. Cultivating what is known as whorephobia to slut-shame and humiliate women. So intoxicated by the power of oppressing and controlling women to the extent of policing their bodies. Patriarchy, a cancer.


The Culture of Whoredom is here to sexually empower women.  Naomi Wolf wrote something profound, ‘Orgasm is the body’s natural call to feminist politics.’ Every time a woman stands out as sexually liberal, they are always some sort of moral panic. Feminists are perceived to be radical and cuckoo for advocating for women to own their sexuality. Vimbai Zimuto, a female Zimbabwean musician, poked patriarchy in the eye by posting half-naked pictures of herself on Social Media. It was a field day for misogyny from both men and women, as they shamelessly cat called and slut-shamed her. Sexuality is a social construct designed by patriarchy to establish male dominance over women. The world needs to become a home for everyone and cultivate the culture to embrace different hetero choices without prejudice. This what the Culture of Whoredom is all about.

Part of the podcast incorporates the brand Makaitah Rogue, me. My life is exciting enough to document so here we are. Exciting times are ahead with my podcast and I am going to have a co-anchor up in this bish. We are going to have so much fun: listen to old music and new of course, flying crazed opinions and digital parties. Can.not.wait. Check out this week’s episode of the podcast: The Culture of Whoredom Re-Up. Stay safe and hydrated. You know you love me.



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