A Day With Makaitah

I was thinking about today’s blog post, so I decided to live blog about my Monday and here we are. Today I was late for work ( I hope my boss doesn’t bump into this ) and I knew I had set precedence for a really bad day. First of all, while I was trying to open the screen gate to my office, the heavy iron lock fell on my little toe. The day literally started with an agonized ‘fuuuuuuuuuck’, that echoed throughout the marketing department and frightened the office cat under the reception desk. I don’t even know why we have a cat, I am calling SPCA on that feline little wretch that ate my sandwich on Friday. (I am not particularly a cat person) The Monday strategic meeting is the usual crinkum-crankum of how we can increase sales. Same shit, different day, the meeting can be over I have a 10 o’clock at Rainbow Towers with a prospective client. I am really onto something and I would have spent this quality time prepping for this meeting.

I just checked the stats on my Blog and they are spiraling out of control. My last article The Ercan Airport Immigrant Police Have Gone Mad is really getting them views rolling like The Beatles in 1965. The transition from WordPress to my own domain has been a festering gangrenous sore on my butt. It is like starting all over again and I have been trying to direct traffic from my old blog to this new one.  At first, it was a disheartening losing battle with a little chance of succeeding. The day I got 100 views, I knew I had reached first base and making progress. Its nothing compared to the 100k views on my WordPress Blog but after 6 months I have hit about 5k views. Not bad, I will get there.

10:05 am – I am tempted to eat my packed lunch. I can almost hear last night’s chicken whispering, ”Eat me, I know you wanna.” Damn you last night’s chicken. Martha from accounts has been giving me the side-eye all morning. Back story: Martha is a reserved hilly-billy girl who doesn’t exactly approve of my dressing. I know its the cleavage that is itching on her mind, so I unbutton my shirt so that the cleavage spills out. I can hear her catch a tiny gasp. Muhahaha, it is crazy that two girls that are worlds apart are brought together to work in one office.

10:45 am- I ate my packed lunch (oh bite me) and I have no regrets whatsoever.

11:00 am – The Rainbow Tower meeting has been postponed for next Monday. I am glad, now I can take the time to prepare for a mind-blowing pitch. The phone has been blasting off all morning like every other Monday. I am fighting the urge to pull out the cord and throw it at the wall.

11:30 am – This country is a fucking joke, I sent someone to buy a pack of diapers and the price has tripled. In less than a week, the price has long triple jumped to ‘diapers may be out of your financial lane.’  We might just need to take Riley’s potty training seriously at this rate. The economy’s free fall is a vertiginous peak. I have to make a phone call at home, I am always checking on Riley to make sure she is okay and well-hydrated in this heat. I honestly feel like melting wax, this heat is merciless.

12:45pm – I regret eating my packed lunch. Shoot me.

13:15 pm – Let me wrap this blog up because after lunch I have a meeting and end of month report that is due tomorrow. A bit lethargic from barely sleeping. I am writing something, so I was up all night. I can not believe I am this hungry. The hunger at work and at home is totally different.  At work, it is some ravenous demon that can eat a whole cow.

13:32 – Okay, this heat is baking my brains. This Monday isn’t exactly eventful so I will leave it here and avoid exposing myself about buying a second lunch. Aurevoir bishes.


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