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The thirties have given me a gift, a morsel of philanthropy that has made life exciting and unexpectedly a breeze. In true altruism, I will share this philosophy on a rogue approach to life that transcends to genuine happiness. We spend most of our lives fighting ourselves, fighting who we are because humanity set behavioral borders that determines a standard way of human conduct. They call it civilization and I call it bullshit. I call myself Rogue because I am not conditioned to civilization’s expected behavioral pattern. I wrote a bit of that in my blog, You Don’t Look or Act Like A Married Woman.Nigga Please. I am me, true to myself and expressing it the way I deem it fit.

Are you really yourself or the person you portray to the world is a diluted 2.0 version that is validated by society? Do you own yourself in any way, opinions, values, and even your very thoughts? Are they truly yours or you are just another of civilization’s clones? Modern orders of the world channel their principals through different cultures around the world. Heritage is an important factor of humanity but the question is how much of yourself is still in there undeterred by tradition and society? You need to come out, Dolly Parton said something profound, Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” There is nothing as beautiful as being you without giving a fuck about what the world thinks. It is absolutely liberating and lifts a load from the shoulders. You don’t have to pretend or act in certain ways because that is what is expected from you. If your personality does not coincide with the societal orthodox code? Well, fuck that because your mental health is more important. Check out my blog, Emotional Niggas Are More Attractive it reiterates the freedom of expressing yourself as a fight against depression. That is the philosophy of being Rogue, mutate into your final form which is the undeniable and unrefined you. It has been you all this time from the time you wiggled out from the birth canal. 

People need to accept you for who you are and when you transform into a butterfly, fly free and welcome to the journey of self-love. It comes from accepting yourself, unrestrained raw expressionism that radiates true happiness.  Jaeda deWalt ( I am a shameless stan) spoke to me when she said,

Don’t let others box you into their idea of what they think you should be. A confined identity is a miserable way to exist. Be you and live free. Trust that in living true to yourself, You will attract people that support and love you just as you are”.

Yes Bish! That is what I am talking about, its as if she took the words right of my mouth. Do not be a people pleaser and risk diminishing your true identity in all of that. People should accept you as an individual, this is how you lose the chaff and surround yourself with genuine people who love you for you. Arriving at this realization has been the best thing to happen to me. There is this sudden epiphany, walking around with your head high knowing who the fuck you are. Amazing. It is an honest existence, there is no space to harbor grudges and bitterness because all of you are laid out on the table. As a writer, I became renowned as Makaitah Rogue because every piece I write has parts of me and exudes the person that I am. I don’t bother with trying to adhere to certain writing disciplines because I will end up sounding like any other writer out there. This is my trademark, uncouth, coarse, liberal and expressive. This is me.  Dr. Seuss put it so simply, ”You are you. Now isn’t that pleasant?”

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Let your existence speak the truth of who you are and that is a sincere display of self-love. – Makaitah Rogue

Fight to be you because there is nothing as glorious as owning yourself. The worst that can happen is when you live a life that is a mimicry of other people’s beliefs. What about you? What about your own happiness and peace of mind? You have the right to be different and to be unique is to be great. One publisher told me they can’t have me on board because I am bit, “rough around the edges. A bit vulgar.” Oh, I am sorry I don’t sound like Mary fucking Poppins or Anne Morrow Lindbergh if they can’t have me then that is the wrong fit for my style. Are you bold enough to be yourself without note of how people might perceive you? Listen, you are enough, refrain from altering yourself to fit in society, be courageous, unapologetic and most importantly be Rogue. Like what the great William Shakespeare Said, “God has given you a face, and you make yourself another?” Let your existence speak the truth of who you are and that is a sincere display of self-love.

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