The acrimony of the Gorgon Medusa

A  mythology, the triangle of Bermuda

The fury of the wind and swiftness of lightning , save us Saint Lucia

The gods can’t hear our cries, ears deadened even of Bhuda

Her eyes a deep aquamarine green, the beauty of a goddess yet so gruesome

Medusa slain by her own rumination. Perseus.

To her own reflection impervious

Sitting on her head the slithering nest of vipers

The curse of Athena her a looming vengeance

Medusa in the deep blue sea, a jellyfish

Smoked tuna its  a fishy dish

The goddess of wrath, war path, psychopath is the aftermath

Look into her eyes and lose yourself

the eye of a tornado, mesmerizing but deadly

Medusa, the sun sets on your indignation with a night of tempest winds

Let the fiendish outburst of anger die

Reborn the goddess of Grace.







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