#ZimbabweIsMore Instagram Challenge Brought by Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe

I ran into the #ZimbabweIsMore photo challenge on Instagram and I thought okay, here we go with the elite classism challenge. I have always had the notion that Instagram is exclusively for the upper class. Have you ever been on Insta and felt like you were completely living a meager life? This is me all the time! The place is rife with all the cool aristocrat kids who have no shame in flaunting their affluent lifestyle. I assumed there would be little chance for advancement unless you’re one of the elite. So, out of curiosity, I skimmed through the Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe Insta page and boom, not what I expected. For the first time on Instagram, there is an abstract-comprehensive competition that does not discriminate against us, the proletarians.

This is how it goes, first of all, you need to follow the Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe Insta account and there is a weekly theme for the photo challenge that starts every Thursday, which is announced on their Instagram Page. I love this challenge because is strikes the mind to be creative. So you take a picture that aligns with the theme, make that picture drip with a fire caption, along with the hashtag #ZimbabweIsMore and your Instagram handle. Send this to communications@stanbic.com The photo has to be an original picture that belongs to the person submitting them, so you can’t cheat your way out of this. It is fun because there are so many possibilities of perception. Last week the theme was on architecture and there is no end to creativity. A tree can be the blueprint to a delicious fruit. The horizon is architecture on itself, the sunset illuminates the edge of the world. See where I am going with this?  This challenge gives the opportunity for Zimbabweans to tell their stories, curating important facets of our culture, beliefs, our absolutely breathtaking country and generally Zimbabwe in different exciting lenses.


There will be a screening process and a couple of pictures will be chosen and posted on the Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe Instagram Page. The picture with the most likes by the following Thursday 10 am, will win a ZWL 200 shopping voucher. That’s not all, there is more (see what did there) and the photo that gets the most likes by the 1st of August 2019,10 am, will win ZWL 1000 shopping voucher! Hold up, there is more and you may enter as many times as you want! Feel free to go cuckoo, tag all your friends and get them likes rolling.


I am thinking this is legit legit seeing the winners being announced. I could really use a 200 dollar shopping voucher, my life would dramatically change. Look at this lucky cupcake:

#ZimbabweIsMore Week 1 Winner. Theme: ‘Progress’

When the news spreads, others come to join and in the same breath this week’s #ZimbabweIsMore photo challenge resonates around the theme ‘ Moving Forward’. What does moving forward mean to you? What is your story? I dare you to share and it is never too late to be part of the Zimbabwean story. Do the thing.



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