Emotional Niggas Are More Attractive

Societal pressure is a plague that has raised apathetic creatures that are compelled to put on stoic exteriors, for the preservation of the virility of a real man. Machismo has robbed us of emotionally intelligent men and created psychological defects due to emotional constipation. A lot of men suffer from depression because it goes against their masculinity to express emotions that render them vulnerable. So, they walk around with a lot of pent up shit that threatens their mental well-being. Men are taught to only show anger and a controlled form of happiness, which is a really fucked up because this display of positive sentiments makes a man really attractive, moreover it does not take away anything from his “masculinity.”

Men and women equally feel the whole spectrum of emotions but one gender has to stifle it. I am saying all you niggas can be free from this emotional imprisonment and I bring to you freedom. Freedom to be passionate, sensitive, sentimental and vulnerable. That is the shit that makes a man and you have no idea how attractive it is. Another population density of women has been taught to think less of men that are emotionally expressive and I know most of you niggas have received negative reactions but we need to rewire this societal circuit. You were never born this way but societal norms created this monster and I believe it is about time we put this to bed. I am known for rogue dogmas and I feel we really do not need to adhere to traditional criterion with our eyes closed. Wake up and think out of the box, we have shackled ourselves with so much nonsense and the funny thing is freedom is just one thought away. Open your mind a little bit and you will see how beautiful we can be as human beings. We haven’t reached peak civilization as humanity and my part is to pull down each retrogressive hurdle word by word. Hence this blog.

I need the ladies to stop the disparaging attitude towards men that actually open up because you are not doing our species any favor. Toxic men are the result of fragile masculinity, the fear of not appearing to be man enough. Look, fuck society, a man is defined by who he is and not what the society says or expects. There is nothing macho about being cold and emotionless, you are a toxic little shit. Imagine a world where we all freely express ourselves and actually show emotions. Relationships would last longer, give a better experience and this is literally reconstructing the world. There is no need for silent treatment, funky attitudes, ghosting and all that because everything is laid bare on the table. I am telling you, we could actually live the life portrayed in the images of the Jehovah’s Witness booklets. I mean we could be farting rainbows and riding ponies.

There is nothing as beautiful as a man who breaks down in your presence and you gather him in your arms because you have met his soul. I can not begin to describe how it felt to watch my husband breakdown and cry at our wedding. He gave himself to me, all of him and that is the greatest gift a man can give to a woman, well second to multiple orgasms. So all that manly shit about not giving a damn is unhealthy for you and the people around you. I am saying LET THAT SHIT OUT. Wearing the heart on a sleeve is the new black.

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