The Kiss of Judas

A cold frigid peck of deception

Unraveling a sequence of  dark inception 

The heart speaks a different language, extrasensory perception

A rhythm that chimes in with wistful retrospection

Beautiful days drenched in laughter and innate affection

The delightful recollections

 a soulful reflection

Sentimental falsehood the face of treachery

The whispers of an ophidian, a vague memory

Clad in duplicity of love and alluring charisma as an accessory

My labor of love a lost trajectory

The kiss of Judas colder than the Norwegian dawn

The betrayal that murdered Catherine of Aragon 

The dagger sinking into my heart, Iago

Drowning in this blood, my heart bleeds. Erato.

Why, I thought you were the one

The one behind the deviation of my undoing

I guess I am done, the cold lips of my dudgeon






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