Put Your Phone Down For A Second.

Mobile internet is the death of real human interaction and this is why I strongly believe that we are on the brink of the zombie apocalypse. Have you ever been in a room full of people but it feels empty because everyone is a slave of the virtual world (staring at their phones completely engrossed)? Social Media has sucked people into a faux online life that they have forgotten the fundamental of real-life synergy. Social media is great but it is creating the most awkward and detached generation of humanity with serious social handicaps.

An alien invasion can occur and nobody will notice because we are all on our phones. I saw a couple on a date the other day at Ocean Basket and they were both consumed by their phones and what could have been a precious life’s moment became an event to document on the internet. The only time they became alive is when they started taking photos of themselves and the food which was now colder than Alaska. So what’s the point of eating out when all you do is take photos for social media while life passes you by. Instead of enjoying an intimate romantic date, more than half the time you are trying to get cute pictures for social media and miss out on real moments. The internet has ruined us.

Too much information easily accessible at the tips of our fingers contributes to the loss of attention span because people no longer read but just skim through. I remember when we were kids, we had this rich reading culture but can we say the same for kids today? I thought about it when my son became addicted to his iPad ( he is only 3) and remotely interested in playing outside. Right before me, fast pacing the zombie apocalypse by giving these gadgets to children they almost miss out on their childhood! So I implemented a no-phone zone in the house. We actually interact and it helps the kids with social development and communication. When my phone was stolen I was highly productive and I did more in that week than what I usually do in a month! 

I also believe that SM can lead to depression. Seeing your friends posting about their perfect lives, vacations, expensive restaurants and you find yourself falling in the squalor of comparison. The problem is, this is not their everyday lives and you are seeing the “high points” of their lives and comparing your everyday life to them. So, after seeing the high points of about 10 SM accounts, insecurity begins to creep in. Remember, this is just an account that documents the great things in life and no-one is on social media to portray their downs and lows. In the end, you find yourself pawning at the enhanced version of people.

It has turned in to a happiness competition, who has the most exciting life, relationship that people have forgotten how to actually have a good time without pulling out their phones. The obsession for likes and on line validation is real even for adults. SM has made people much more stubborn and it’s increasingly rare to see a debate where many ideas are built. All I see is people throwing their opinions and not allowing their views to change in the slightest. Social media alienates people from each other and creates circle-jerks where no meaningful conversations occur.

Aye, social media has it wins don’t get me wrong, but I am looking at this on how it has created a social plague and detached human beings. Everyone is so self-absorbed and can’t take a step away from their phone or computer and enjoy being outside or doing something. So please put your phone down for a second, and look around you, smile at someone, greet your neighbor, look up and let the warmth of the sun wash your face and live life. For a second, just put your phone down.

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  1. So true a balance is needed …technology can be a great help but can also hinder real human interaction especially when it comes to social media.
    For the kids we are too busy doing other things so if they are on the phone …iPad it keeps them busy but losing out on just the play life of being a child
    I love your writing keep it up….
    Did I miss the fallen ???

    1. Thank you David, and no you didn’t miss it, I failed to publish chapter 20 this week but stay tuned for next week! Wait you are actually following it? My chest is tight right now!

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