When you blow out a flame, where does the light go? – Beaton

This blog was inspired by a question that I was asked one year 3 months ago by Beaton , and I promised to respond to his question with an entire blog. He is one of my favorite bloggers, you should check his blog out, Becoming The Muse and he is hilarious.  Beaton , held on to this for over a year and he came knocking on my door to remind me that he was still waiting for his response. Mental note: Beaton never forgets.

When you blow out a flame, where does the light go? Man, I have no idea, but I will give it a shot. So fire is energy and you know what they say, it can not be destroyed but changes in form. So what happens to the flame? What is the chemical composition of fire? Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. (Thank you google) So it is sustained by oxygen and whatever fuel at disposal. The flame dissipates as it loses each of its components when it is put out, mainly gas such as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.  These chemical compositions are naturally absorbed into the atmosphere contributing to the circle of life. Aye, I am not a scientist, rest assured I sucked at Chemistry and Physics but I think I laid out in the simplest form possible. So a flame simply disintegrates in chemical composition that is how it is put out.

On the other hand maybe there is an inter-dimensional world for fire. An underworld, the infamous Gehenna. Look, we are sourcing resources and energy from the devils podium and the flame is conjured by gremlins of fire. How do we know maybe there is a secret society that signed a treaty with the Lucifer so that humanity can gain from the hell’s reserves. An intangible veil separates us from the vortex of fire that resides at the bottom of the pits. So when we blow out the flame the princes of darkness takes the flame back to hell. Obviously you know what it means when you sign a contract with the Devil himself. What does he get in exchange? I say sadza. Yes sadza, is a meal that even Lucifer could not resist but gave up parts of his kingdom’s resources for an eternity supply of sadza. Does this makes sense or does this makes sense? You see, sadza is the pope of all meals, it is the high and mighty undefeated carb meal that even the ancestry world is still in purgatory. They wait in hopes that they will return to the beloved plate of sadza. The absence of light is darkness and it can only be demons that return the fire back to hell.

I don’t know Beaton, this question has so many possibilities, I mean have you ever thought that fire is the souls of the dead? every time a flame is burning it is our loved ones giving off their energy for our benefit and survival? So when we put out the flame we are literally killing them again and the smoke is the essence of wistfulness. Wait when you said ‘blow out a flame‘, did you mean a really really hot girl? The word flame is ambiguous, did you mean a steamy love affair? Wow, my head is reeling right now. I think you need therapy Beaton. I can not take this anymore.This question was of malicious intent so that I have a nervous break down. I see right through you B, you can not out smart me, ha!

Slowly walking away, slowly walking away. Peace out!


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  1. if it makes you feel any better I have been pondering on the selfsame question for a very long time since five years back what about if by blowing out a candle you die a little inside as part of your soul leaves your body with the breath that extinguishes the flame….
    here’s another fun fact did you know flame casts no shadow …. *plays ominous horror music*…

    1. hahahahaha, you are hella funny B! That is such a profound thing, this turned out well, thanks to you.

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