Poor Customer Service Equals To Lunacy.

This is a very important blog, you are welcome. Now lets talk about poor customer service that is unbelievably rampant in this country. The heart beat of any organisation is the quality of service that is offered to clients or customer. I have no recollection of a place that I actually received stellar customer care and it is undoubtedly a myth. I don’t understand how people in the business sector thrive with poor customer service. You are crazy if you think customer support is not vital. Here is why.

I do not care if your product is premium and cost effective, if the overall experience is awful, I am not indulging you. That alone will cost you money, competitive edge and affects the company’s bottom line. We go to work to keep the business alive by attracting and retaining customers. Understanding that concept will increase sales because in this age of social media the company’s reputation can make or break you. What is the deal lady with the permanent frown? Oh, you are annoyed? I am sorry I will put my money back in my purse and be on my merry way. You want my money but can’t be gracious enough to  look at me while I am talking to you? The last lap is persuading a client to part with their money because they willingly entered you perimeters and bare minimum is to enhance the customer experience. It really doesn’t take much, just some gaddamn human decency.

A lot of times people forget that the core of the business are the clients, they are not here to interrupt your work but they are the work! So this whole looking busy and acting like you are being disturbed is the bottom of the moron base. Ignorance in all its illustriousness. Support is the spine of product experience and customers are willing to pay more for a better experience. See, so when a customer care personnel has this holy grail of knowledge they would never dare to lose rhythm with a client. That is were the money is and anything else, then you are a lunatic and maybe you need to get fired. The basics of great support is acknowledging the presence of a customer once they walk in and  if you are attending to someone already let them know you will serve them in a specific time frame. The three minute rule, simple. A little friendless goes a long way but don’t be annoying and try to match wits with clients. Stop it Nancy.

I get that maybe the last thing you want to do is smile at people while you are going through some terrible life situation. Its time to learn to separate work and personal life and as hard as it sounds, work mode comes naturally once you grasp it. I am not a marketing expert but really this is just common sense. When a client asks a question be pleasant enough to give a full comprehensive response, you have seconds to give an impression. The moment of truth is the first contact and you have to blow away the customer promptly. There are no second chances to first impression, in two seconds you have ruined the image of the company. So its really important to put your best smile and be the best host/ess because that will carry you on top of the competition.

They are some shitty clients though, that come to be a nuisance, they can get stern Nancy. Pleasant and cordial. The professional poker face is a Grammy winning expression for a difficult customers. I am here at your disposal but you will not walk all over me like a bath mat. Employers need to make Customer Service as part of job orientation and performance appraisal. Have you seen a Nigerian at work? There are not here to play, they have mastered this art and will have you buying things that were beyond budget. The reason why Nigerians have successful business ventures. Great Customer Care is the lifeblood of any organisation. Being rude is just a sign of ignorance. Can we step up and make every product/ service experience congenial and enjoyable? If customer care is such a task, maybe you are in the wrong industry , you are the Grinch that makes business look bad and maybe you should be home sulking  at the mirror because frankly, you suck.

Thank you for visiting my blog, you can resume to whatever you were doing until then, pip pip cheerio. Hahahaha but seriously, don’t forget to clean out navel lint. You know you love me. Peace out.


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