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I thought okay its time to take stock of myself and I found this great questionnaire on Personal Development by Steven Aitichison  It is crucial to find bearings of where you are heading as a person. A few days ago I felt lost and I wrote quite a sombre article Don’t Bother Reading This Blog It was one of those days, I was feeling a bit blue and pretty much lost the coordinates of who I am. Upon finding myself . I don’t ever want to feel like that again, it is a horrible and demotivating mood. I need to remind myself that I am here to take over the world and nothing like a personal development exercise to snap back to the grand scheme of things. So here we go!

How clear are you about where you are going in life?

Crystal clear. I have never been this sure of my ordinance. My twenties were a hot mess, had no idea what I was doing,  hurtling through life stoned, in 6 inch heels and scandalous dresses. I lived like like a frat boy. Re-branding was the first step of finding myself and Makaitah was reborn as ROGUE.  This woman is a rebel against societal standards, that’s right, I am the arch nemesis of normal. I live out of stereotypes, I am here to secure the bag, to acquire wealth and be a bad ass unapologetic vixen while at it. My sexuality is the most profound virtue and a resident inherent trait. I own it and don’t  underestimate the power of a woman on a mission. The plans that I have as writer are beyond human comprehension and are underway. Lets just say the world is not ready for Makaitah Rogue.

How competent are you in the things you do in life?

I used to be the most unreliable person on this planet. I am proud to say out of 10 I am a resounding 11. Having kids was a turning point because when you have little humans who depend on you 100%, there is no room for ineptitude. Maternal resolve is a robust force and a complex process of character overhaul. It comes naturally just like a pumping heart, proficiency. At home, social and economic latitude.

 How confident are you as a person?

Confidence was my thing before giving birth, because I had a body to compliment this aspect. My body was perfect, proportional and a surfboard tummy to die for. After giving birth to two big babies eeer not so much. So that really fucked with my mind because my confidence dropped to the earth’s core. It took time for me realize that I am a sexy tigress and I have been in spaces of influence, making great changes and bettering the world. Conditioning confidence to physique is the lamest thing a woman can do to herself. I am a force, a movement and I am drop dead gorgeous with all my perfect flaws. Ask me this question in 2017, epic fail but now I am confident enough to stand alone in a storm and still come out winning. 

How open are you to asking for help in your life?

It must be a character flaw because I hate asking for help. (to be honest I would rather shit in my hands and clap)  It tastes like failure but in a world full of people who are there to catch you when you lose footing its crazy to feel this way. One man can not build Rome, but how many men have grasped the vision of a civilized Rome? Are we on board of the greater picture? Are you with me? Then lets help each other. In that expression yes I am open to ask for help to achieve a common vision. 

How expressive are you about your thoughts, feelings and life plans?

I am a very thoughtful and articulate person. I am very emotional so I tend to wear my heart on a sleeve and I have proven to be quite the drama queen. I have always been passionate and so when I start talking about my feelings and expressing myself , I do it with a zeal that leaves a lasting impression. I write as a way to express myself, sometimes I cry and yell (drama). It comes with having a strong personality which projects itself in not so subtle ways. I guess that’s who I am. I don’t mince my words and deter from the designs of my dreams. Almost militant I might add.

How much control do you have over your own emotions?

None whatsoever hahaha. Like I said, I am a very emotional and sensitive person so it takes everything in me to harness  whatever emotion, positive or negative. I am learning composure and  rationality for someone who was a walking whirlwind of emotions. My former personal brand was Raging-Barbie so that alone says a lot. Aye, its work in progress and the passage of time is a great therapy.

How true to your beliefs and values do you live your life?

Look I am a human being, so to start answering this question with a disclaimer says a lot on my part. I try my best sometimes we veer from the grand schemes of life but keeping the eye on the main goal is what is important. Sometime I throw caution  to the wind and give the wheel to fate but this is usually on my lazy days. My beliefs are questionable at the moment so I won’t indulge you, that’s a whole entire blog for another day.

How open are you when it comes to trying new things in life?

I am Rogue, this is my thing, trying new things. This is what I do, I am a risk taker and I do not hesitate to go for what I want despite the consequences, which has made me a dangerous human being. It comes with certain open mindedness, which is very oblique in my case. Life would be really bland if we conducted ourselves in stringent and cliche manner. This girl is wide open for trying new things. I am not really bothered about what people think to be honest and I am can confidently say, I am as fearless as they come.

This is a great exercise and you should try it! I had fun putting it out all there. Until next time, keep your heard up and be unapologetic for who you are? Peace and love.









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