WBC Day 4|Black Panther is a Shit Movie

Someone had to say it, Black Panther is the most overrated movie in the film industry. I get it, everyone being pumped about the fist Marvel African superhero movie. The concept is certainly spine-tingling and expectations are undoubtedly high,until the first ten minutes of the movie, I felt like gorging my eyeballs out. Let me say this before I start trashing your favorite movie, I will give it an A for effort for the pan africanism notion , what would seem like a  sketchy representation of Marcus Garvey’s dream of the United States of Africa. Although I was getting some heavy Coming To America vibes. Colorful. Ceremonial African practices and regalia, absolutely great research on African tribes who were represented.

I am a black African and I can fairly give sound critic without being accused of being a racist. Secondly from the Marvel Cinematic Movies I have watched pretty bad movies but not as hyped as Black Panther which inevitably became a martyr of hype. Look, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Thor Ragnarok are some shit movies. Go ahead and lose it or write your own damn blog. Thankfully both The Avengers movies were tension relievers from MCU streak of really bad movies. Captain Marvel is in its own league of PERFECTION, lets leave it there for now. What is really bad about Black Panther? The acting, the dialogues and the whole plot! T’challa proved that there is a pan Africanist accent, I don’t know the inspiration of the Wakandian dialect but stop saying isiXhosa, no. Africans do not speak like that further more not a single Nguni person on this continent remotely sounds like T’challa. It doesn’t matter which tribe you come from but no African speaks with such leisurely tones. Is he balancing the perpetual anxiety to maintain the accent? It is absolutely awful.

I hate how African actors were more like props to give an African ambiance for the movie, well except for the few actors and actresses who had relevant roles. Besides the butchered African accent lets talk about the dry impersonal dialogues? Completely detached conversations even animation has more emotion. ‘What are thooooose?’, my gosh I have never winced so hard! Maybe they would have just hired an all African cast and stop throwing ‘ungubani’ all over the place like an STI. Who am I to police this movie after all,the black panther resonates with super hero fanaticism than African  stigma. The plot is in shambles, Kill-monger wants vibranium to the world but T’challa wants to keep it exclusive to Wakanda and in the end he opens up to the world because he has noble and legit reasons? wah wah wah. The fight scenes were unclear like what the hell is going on there?  All I saw is T’challa finally sinking a knife In Killmomger’s chest. Cliche of course but whatever.

I loved the Dora Milaje, that is a bad ass squad. 10 points. T’challa and Nakia felt forced, am I the only person who did not feel the chemistry? Even the kiss at the end is meh, but you vapid people are blown away because of cultural preamble. Bravissimo but  execution of concept was deplorable. Due accolades to the costume designers and thank you M’baku you tried it with the Nigerian accent 8/10. All-embracing, the movie is a 5/10, average. So until further notice you can suck on this unpopular opinion or fight me. Made you read!





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  1. Great insight and I respect your opinion, the acting was terrible. What resonates with me more about Black Panther is the fact that as a black father I do not need to explain to my son why we have no black superheroes.
    Bad acting and all, the movie moves us away as a people from the mental slavery pinned by capitalistic and colonial fundamentals that “white” is supreme and better. So i feel T’Challa is necessary even with his flaws.

    Overrated? Yes indeed, but it’s all we got. Im waiting for Marvel or DC or anyone in Hollywood to write a Shaka Zulu blockbuster. Sadly Henry Cele is late, it may be difficult to cast.

    1. Henry Cele died?!!! noooo, they will probably pick Idris Elba for the Tshaka role, I wish Africa could evolve in film making then we could tell our own stories properly. Black super heroes, on that aspect that is true, I agree. I believe they could have done better but like you said, its all we got. And thank you for reading, I really appreciate!

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