FALLEN: Chapter 18

The Return of Eve.

A ghostly bearing that  hung in the atmosphere was so thick you could slice it with a knife. A tremendous eruption followed by an earth shattering roar that dislodged the tectonic plates and made the planet shudder. A blood curdling scream reverberated in the air. The earth was a canvas shaking with strokes of paint brush dipped in a deluge of thick red liquid. Cold with terror humanity faced its nemesis in his grandeur.  A majestic angel with a fierce countenance and the hubris of a lion. A spine chilling silence ensued.

Dzidzai fell on the floor in violent convulsions, she clenched her teeth as foam seeped out from the corners of her mouth and suddenly lay still. She slowly opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling fan of the bachelor’s pad. Slowly without breaking an angle she rose from the floor, her features set in unusual hard-nosed poise. Her lips slowly broke in to a smile and she walked purposefully towards a full length mirror that was adjacent to her. She stared at the reflection and unconsciously licked her lips. Perfect, the mother of all is back.

Lucifer strode on the earth for the first in time in millenniums. A legion of demons acquired human vessels that were to become the militant Veto Police of the new world order. Lilith stood by his side and looked on as the a rampant psychokinetic infiltration took place. The formation of the Veto Police, it was a terrifying sight as human vessels were invaded by dark black smoke that instantly repressed the light of the soul. Evil became flesh. Lucifer was distracted, he momentarily closed his eyes and took in a lungful of air. Lilith observed him and she knew. He looked at his sister Lilith and smiled, Eve is here. Lilith rolled her eyes in sheer irritation, ” You two lovebirds disgust me.” Lucifer smiled, “Sister, jealousy suits you quite well. You seethe beautifully. Have you located her co-ordinates.? Lilith closed her eyes and whispered, ‘Yes, looks like we have a trip to Africa, Zimbabwe to be precise.” Lucifer smirked, ‘ Typical Eve to go back to the original coordinates of Eden.’

Dzidzai spent the better half of the evening renovating herself, she plaited her dreadlocks and tied them in a high bum. She knew he was coming.

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