WBC Day 2| A Dog Named Coco

She is furry ball convulated with caramel mosaic

A small pup, elfin but archaic

Floppy ears, button nose, stumpy legs

A dash of adorableness and a pinch of cuteness on deck

Keri Russell, Jane Russell, Leon Russell none like Coco my Jack Russell

Wagging tail, hanging tongue, excitement debut

No time for catch she throws a hullabaloo 

Throw the boomerang it bounces back like a bamboo

A small yelp Coco is a little blue

I will be back in jiffy Coco it is not Timbuktu

Here is a rubber ducky chew on that

Tears across the yard, spotted a Siamese cat

The blue eyed feline jumps the wall pursues a rat

An unaware rat scrapes at hole for gnat

Thin papery wings it transforms into a bat

Oh, coco my sweet caramel drop

Come here girl here is a pork chop

Leave that cat please stop

Coco the dog that completes the family


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