WBC Day 1| Feminazi Vs Feminist

You must be wondering what in the hell is WBC, ladies, and gentleman it is the WINTER BLOGGING CHALLENGE 2019 brought to you by Afrobloggers. All blogging cadets across Africa have been challenged to blog every single day of the month of June! An imperial test in this blogging realm and I am ready for it despite the fact that my cup of creative juices runneth dry. So I don’t know if there are specified topics to follow, but I am not going to do that seeing that I am Rogue. I am just going with anything that pops in my mind and today’s post is brought to you by a spur of a light bulb moment.

A lot of people jump on the feminism bandwagon and have no idea what it stands for. It is because of this that feminism is derailed from its core concept and diluted by irrational ignorance that ultimately makes it seem like it is the crazy women’s club. Feminism is fighting for the equal rights of all genders. Now feminazis sometimes known as fakeminists are misandrists who hide under the cloak of feminism. These are the bra-burning gang, blowing the ideology out proportion by being psycho extremists. Feminazis are as nutty as a fruit cake, they have pioneered a lot of crazy movements such as smearing period blood on their faces and nude protests just to be heard. They are driven by a brainsick urge to catcall, ridicule and attackmen.

Some time ago I proclaimed that I was not a feminist but a humanist. I look back at this statement and laugh at myself because feminism draws its dynamism from humanism. You can not say you are not a feminist but a humanist in the same breath, that is talking from both sides of the mouth. The two principles are dependent on each other as feminism is an idiosyncrasy of humanism. You have to be a humanist first before being a feminist and the only dissonance is the gender discrepancy. Feminism advocates for women against centuries of patriarchy. While humanism is a grounding factor for feminism. What the hell am I saying? Humanism affirms the dignity of each human being and the liberty of each individual to arrive at their full potential. While feminism counsels for equal opportunities for all genders, even men can be feminists. It is a classic metaphorical representation of an ambigram, a word that looks the same upside-down. These labels distract and divide us from the quintessential intention i.e the candor and legitimacy of every person, even against the atrocities of patriarchy. Not downplaying any of the two but duh we are human first and feminism stands on its own and liberal rights.

Drawing back to feminazis, what is the deal? Look we are in a world dominated by patriarchism and I get it patriarchy is infuriating to say the very least! The difference is feminists have the capability to belt their emotions and focus on the main agenda. Of course, we are angry but strategic. Feminazis are overwhelmed by past trauma at the hand of men so they ultimately take extreme measures. ‘Let us not wear pads or tampons ladies! let’s just bleed freely, it is our right we are not ashamed to be women! ‘ No ladies, can we have some dignity and basic personal hygiene? It has blurred the truth about feminism and even the most genuine people are labeled as angry misandrists. Are you a feminist or a feminazi? Are you sincerely concerned about equal opportunities and the fight against patriarchy or you simply loathe men and enjoy all the attention whoredom?

Think about it! I am out.

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