Zimbabwe Screwed My Blog Schedule

Sorry to interrupt your regular schedule. Today there will be no Chapter 18 of the dark blog series FALLEN for reasons beyond my control. With that, I am sorry to my readers who are following this series. A rant, stewing at the bottom of my belly threatening to erupt and burn the esophagus on its way up. Yes, I have had it up to here ( angry cut-throat gesture) with this teapot-shaped blowhole. Up to here! I can not and I will not be repressed and exploited in this inhumane manner. No disclaimer but FUCK this country. Just when you thought you have hit rock bottom, Zimbabwe will show you a secret passage to Satan’s den. I am beginning to think that bad governance is a talent, you need to have a passion and some sort of Luciferian trait to collectively screw an entire nation without losing a beat. Some mad talent from the pits of hell because this country is the rectum of failed leadership.

This whole week I failed to adhere to the blog schedule because of the excessive and erroneous ZESA load shedding. Its a festering boil in the armpit. The cactus thorn in the toenail. The nefarious cackle of a dying demon. I am telling you, this kind of load shedding is not even funny. It’s like a toddler playing with a light switch. Untimely and unpredictable, electricity just dips. The economy playing its hand in courtesy to the continuous inflating RTGS visa the US dollar has made this country an absolute circus. The government has no reigns on price regulations, the economy is spiraling out of control like a monkey on cocaine. Merchant pulling prices from their asses, the normal profit margin by the standards of this country is 500%. This is not even capitalism anymore, this is eat shit you undomesticated goats.

EVERYTHING is incredibly expensive, the stats on this blog from Zimbabwe have decreased. I thought about it and I realized people can not afford data to click links out of their data bouquets. Ain’t that a bitch shame. It has never occurred to me not even in my wildest dreams that a country’s political and economical instability could unhinge my writing schedule to the extent of failing to publish a blog for an entire week! I don’t have blogs sitting in my drafts because I have too many things on my plate. Between writing a book, my 8-5, being a mom, and a wife, I really don’t have time to pre-schedule my articles. I write as I go at the spur of the moment following the content plan. It seems I have to take extra time from an already congested 24 hours because I love this blogging thing.

It’s a miracle that we are surviving this shit. I don’t even know how we are doing this. To be level with you, if you have an opportunity to leave this country, DO NOT hesitate. Pack that bag fast and skip this forsaken land. We have to remove the cancer from its roots. Don’t ask me what I am talking about, figure it out but something gotta give dammit. For how long are we going to scrounge for survival? How long before we can live the future we have always desired? I am tired!

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  1. Writing is therapeutic right …..I once posted this :
    I could have had a normal life a normal narrative and normal problems. I probably would be a lot further if I hadn’t stayed in Zimbabwe. No one understands until it breaks you down to nothing. God must have a purpose or I missed it entirely….

    1. I doubt there is a purpose anymore. We really to get out of here and yes writing is therapeutic 😉

  2. I did manage to leave Zimbabwe “just in time” but trust me, even as i read your blog i can feel the pain all Zimbabweans are feeling… i can’t even communicate regularly with my family in Zim… and i feel so helpless when i do get to chat with them… like there’s really nothing i can do or say to make it better… it really hurts… you wish it could be that easy to get the whole family to follow you to the foreign land… at least we would be together..

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