Fallen: Chapter 17

A continuation from Fallen: Chapter 16

Brael shook his head with vehemence that caught Gabriel’s attention. The older angel smiled and tapped his shoulder with his angling staff, ‘ Brael, whatever that happens on the little blue orb will not shake the foundations of heaven” as an after thought, he added, ” He will remain on the throne.” The younger angel face remained contorted in an expression of intense distress. Gabriel drifted above the silvery lagoons of pearls and watched the edgy hosts of the first heaven. The anathema of the order of the sacred crypts had lain with the woman. His seductive prowess had exceeded the fleshly discipline of sexual desire. A thing that Eve had not yet harnessed.

Gabriel landed gently on the threshold of the preliminary order of seraphims. The 12 thrones of prudence sat around the floating table of Apophyllite crystals. The 11 angels stood up in reverence of his presence, Gabriel nodded and they sat down. With a grand wave of his staff his voice echoed, ” May we proceed.”

Randall the angel of the order of cherubim stood up and cleared his throat.

Randall : Michael will not be able to attend this meeting as he is committed to the assiduous task of placing the coordinates of Lucifer under the garden.

Meki : With all due respect, the crux is neither Michael’s presence nor absence. Lucifer has fertilized the woman! It is an aversion of great repugnance! ( he smacked the table with his staff)

Pius : I say earth should be obliterated instantly! Michael should be here! (He glared at Randall)

Randall: Like I mentioned ear-

Faust : Oh we heard that already Randall, every angel here was given a clear perception by the ruby of clarity. Sit down lets hear what Gabriel has to say.

All the angels looked at Gabriel with chaffing impatience and apprehension. Gabriel slowly rose from his seat with his usual unhurried grace.

Gabriel: We can not make decisions here and you have to remember that unlike us angels, the human was given free will. Eve has unfortunately succumbed to the potency of Lucifer but let us not bicker over things we have no control of

His eyes darted around the table as he read the unsatisfied ambiance that exuded from the other angels

Jarth: (the angel of the order of dominions) Pardon me Arch Angel, I agree with you but we need to discuss about the spawn that would be born of Lucifer and Eve. Where do the angelic dominion stand because we are here to protect humanity. What of this thing that brews in her belly?

Inaudible mutterings ensued. Gabriel let out a small sigh and raised his right hand motioning the angels to be silent.

Gabriel : Thank you Jarth, it is half human and half demon. His name shall be Cain, the father of sin. This is all you have to know for now. With that, the meeting is adjourned.

Gabriel vanished before any of the angels could say anything in return. He had to talk to Michael to find out if Lucifer’s coordinates had been discovered, because Adam was at risk of being sucked in the black ingress of sin. Michael brooded over the compass of perdition, his furrowed brow indicated great frustration that he did not even notice Gabriel looming behind him.


Lucifer smiled as he watched unaware Adam sleep in the garden. It was time.

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