LobbyBlogZim Brought by Afrobloggers & The Municipal Review

We are thriving in the age of information through digitalization where written work is becoming the most powerful form of communication over oral communication. The rise of bloggers has created platforms for discussions and driving fundamental issues that can reach anyone in the world. Blogging has become one of the most powerful leading content on the virtual compass. We come from a history of scribes and writings that has shaped society and aided in revolutions. LobbyBlogZim is a dogma that believes in sculpting the modern thought in civilization through writing and blogging to be precise. It is a beautiful collaboration of two formidable forces, Afrobloggers & The Municipality Review. They have merged giving birth to LobbyBlogZim an initiative that will bring bloggers on board to hold local authorities accountable for poor municipal service delivery. The point of convergence bringing blogging for accountability.

Afrobloggers is one of the leading blogging community across the continent and joining forces with The Municipal Review is a compounding brilliance that will create dialogue on the standards of living for the common citizen. Consequently creating a social force that binds the courses of action demanded through blogging. Every right implies a responsibility, every opportunity an obligation and every possession a duty. The Municipal Review main focus is enhancing local government accountability, a media outlet that prioritizes the extent of council activities. It was founded by a governance expert Bukhosi Moyo who is also the director working with an efficient team in highlighting obligatory dues of local governance. Together with Afrobloggers which was founded by Oden Bruce and working with Beaton, the two forces eloquently brought their fist workshop LobbyBlogZim Blogging for accountability workshop on 18 April 2019. The workshop was hosted in Bulawayo sponsored by The British Council and bloggers were invited to discuss the beginning of one of the greatest movement in the country. The second workshop was held in the capital Harare on the 1st of May and yours truly had the great opportunity to be the hostess of the event.

LobbyBlogZim intends to train 50 bloggers on how to blog for accountability. It is a delicate matter that requires certain ethics, etiquette and a level of clear headedness. Declaring local authorities accountable comes with non-participation in political affiliation and pushing propaganda. Its is absolutely apolitical. Therefore the purpose is to flourish in peaceful, amicable and mature conversations. The training includes optimizing platforms to rank on search engines so that content is accessible and readily available. Including digital security to protect websites from malicious activities such as hacking and presenting the subject matter of conversation without kindling conflict. We had some insight from comprehensive and interactive presentations prepared by people such as Buhle Matsha and Bukhosi Buks Mhlanga.

Bukhosi Moyo Director of The Municipal Review
Beaton & Oden Bruce of Afrobloggers
LobbyBlogZim Blogging for Accountability Workshop

The official website will be launched on the 19th of May 2019. Bloggers and/ writers who want to contribute to the website can send their articles to afrobloggerseditor@gmail.com where the article will be edited and published on the website. Follow @afrobloggers on Twitter and Facebook for further announcements. Inquiries can be sent to the aforementioned email address. Regular contributors will be added on the LobbyBlogZim index. This is an opportunity to create dialogue and shape the world around us through the art of writing.

“Words are the lense to focus one’s mind”

Ayn Rana

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