Fallen: Chapter 16

A Continuation from Chapter 15

An atmosphere of abstruity pervaded the garden of Eden, a stillness that made Eve oddly uncomfortable as she looked incredulously at Lucifer. The tectonic plates beneath Eden shifted causing a slight tremor. Lucifer gazed at Eve ignoring the seismic disturbance and creating a hiatus that revealed a dark streak of secrets. “I have to get back to Adam” Eve licked her lips nervously as she slowly back paddled away from Lucifer. “Don’t go woman, do you not want to know more about the world beyond? The acranum of my angels? ” Eve hesitated for a momemt and succumbed to her own gnarling curiosity that itched in her mind. “You come to me in a holographic image of an angel, why do you mask your true form of a serpent? ” Lucifer was taken aback for a split second, but he quickly regained his composure, “I did not realise you had leviathan vision , that is impressive.” Unhinged she pressed, “You still haven’t answered the question.” He felt uneasy realising that he was losing the uppderhand. The human being was far more advanced than he had anticipated, but he remebered the vulnerable vector of mankind. Flesh. “The serpent is a vessel that I occupy to show my true form, which is trapped behind the veil and only you can release me.” Frustration began to creep in and he was fast losing ground. ” So you are not the prince of Eden, who are you serpent?” He smiled, and stepped closer to her, “You will know soon enough.” He whispered and let his fingers run down her neck to the soft peaks of her chest. She gasped amazed at the fire that instantly ignited in her loins breaking the walls that guarded her from Lucifer. She could not fathom the sudden throb of her orchid.

He moulded her nipples with his thumbs and whispered in her ear ” Maybe I am the prince of Eve.” Her mind was consumed with wild desire, a vicious need to be plunged by this angel serpent. The need so strong it fogged all logic and threw caution to the wind. She let out a throaty moan and clung to him. Lucifer felt the scales of the serpent shed off and an elated invigorating bolt raptured from his chest as he transformed to his true angelic form. He could not hide his shock as he stepped back to look at himself in utter awe. Eve smiled “I prefer you like this, now touch me again.” Lucifer was mind blown, the woman had powers that he had not foreseen but giving him his angelic physique excited a maniacal hysteria out of him. He picked her up and swirled like a giddy ballerina. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he felt an inferno erupt from his groin. With renewed urgency he crushed his lips on hers and she opened her mouth receiving him with equal brutish force. Like savage beasts they devored each other as he sank his fingers in her fleshy posterior while she rubbed herself on him letting the soft folds of her vulva caress the taut skin of his lower torso. He knelt down, toppling on her and slid in. It was a delicious entry as they found a rhythm that synched them together like a cello and a violin. He felt her clench and suck him in a tight hot wet vortex of human pleasure.

Eve felt a surge of electricity travel from her pelvic cavity to the rest of her body causing her to jolt like she was being electrocuted. Unceremoniously she tapped in to his essence and began feel a brooding bitterness, his agony of 666 years of free falling while being yanked by an excrutiating gravitational force that threatened to seperate bones and flesh. She saw the visions so clearly of the brimstone in Michael’s eyes during the legendary battle of the brothers in the sacred crypts of heaven, the moment Michael used the rod of Hades to cast Lucifer out of the first heaven and the bone breaking plunge into the deep black ocean where Lucifer and his cohorts drowned repeatedly for 1000 years. Drawing to the edge on the brink of ecstasy she closed her eyes and they climaxed at the same time. Lucifer grunted like a bear being stung by a swarm of bees while Eve gasped and jerked. She opened her eyes but Lucifer had vanished, she shuddered from a sudden breeze as cold as a Norwegian dawn. The gentle wind whispered to her but it was inaudible.

Davon beamed at Lucifer and bowed like a jester entertaining guests at the king’s court. “Your majesty, the seed has been planted,” he said with exaggerated stamina. “Be quiet your fool!” Lucifer barked clearly upset and unable to contain himself. “She saw everything! She got in to my mind, she knows about us, SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING !!! I underestimated her!” His voice thundered across the satanic realm. “But how ca-” Lucifer cut him off with a deadly glare. He sighed and lowered slowly on to his throne. “The mating gives her the ability to tap into my essence,” He said calmly in low tones as if speaking to himself. “She is delicious as hell and more powerful than all of us put together,” But his face slowly began to light up in a sinister smile. “I know that smile and its nerve wrecking.” Davon knew Lucifer all too well, they had been ordinates to the seals of the Lord in heaven and masterminded the rebel together. “Wait a moment, I have plan B, now that she has the chalice of good and evil, it can work to our advantage” Lucifer paced with growing excitement while Davon looked on intently. He stopped pacing and smirked at himself, ” Adam is next.”

Eve wept for a while as all things dawned to her. How was she to face Adam? She picked herself up, she knew what she had to do. Hide.

To Be Continued…

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