An Interview With The Social Architect ‘Seletine’

I had a really fun time talking to the great Social Architect Seletine! He is young, vibrant and his energy is contagious. He is an events coordinator, music mixer, podcaster, globe trotter and the founder of a youth empowerment initiative Invest Harare. There is a lot more to add on that so read more and discover Seletine.


So what inspired the name social architect?

I just look for a term to define what I was already doing. From a young age I loved going to festivals, traveling, curating conversations, event hosting, networking and just exploring opportunities of interest.Still on an on-going journey to add more meaning to it.

That sounds like so much fun! I want to be a social architecture too, I need blueprints! And Speaking of blueprints what is it that you really do?

I can’t tell you about the blueprint but I would rather show you through my work.? I’m a Multimedia consultant – Content development, brand builder, podcaster and a ‘global citizen’ under development who is always looking out for the next best opportunity.

Global citizen, you plan on taking over the world and I see you are already at it, I believe you have been social architecting between South Africa and Angola. Tell us more about these expeditions.

Is this a relevant question or we skip it, maybe you are on a holiday with bae??

Just trying to see as much of the world as I can. Observe cultures, learn new languages, meet game changers, develop perspectives and just understand this ever evolving world better. Will share more experiences on the Social Architect Podcast (make sure you subscribe on iTunes and everywhere else where you get your podcasts )

What I can say is behind every great man is one hell of a powerful woman.?Some of the destinations are definitely much better with bae. If you are ever in Angola go check out the Calandula Falls.

Noooo, I was ready to exercise my matchmaking skills! Hahaha, please do send my regards to bae and all the best to you guys. I am really envious of you right now. Like can I be you in the next life because you are really working and enjoying it! Yes, the podcast! Please so share a bit about it.

Hehehehe the flattery. Thank you for your kind words. I still have so much to do. I’ve Only got on my feet so far. The Podcast goes beyond music but covers social contemporary issues and other facets in the arts and entertainment besides music. Look out for some of your favorite celebs on it.

Seletine The Social Architect

Wow, that is really impressive. Which Podcast has the highest statistics?

Apple Podcast platform, followed by

Awesome, I will definitely check it out. So, what is Invest Harare all about?

I see someone did their homework. It’s actively promoting youth and entrepreneurship, community building, jobs and opportunities platform. Re-brand complete. Website currently under construction and 70% done. In the meantime please do follow @investharare for more updates.

That’s a great initiative considering the economic environment in this country which doesn’t exactly favor the youth. Well done. @investharare is on Twitter? So you are a music mix guru, what do they call you? A DJ?

I believe if you can make it I’m Zim, you’re sure as hell can make it anywhere in the world. Zim isn’t easy at all, but it can work….Yup on Twitter and have accumulated 9K so far, it’s not much but We just hope to keep on growing it, try to create and also facilitate socio-economic opportunities around.

I simply go by Seletine. From time to time, I drop 15-20 minute music mixes to spice up peoples playlists. I’ve had the honor of being mentored by Robbie Tee, Tich Mataz and DJ Naida. Been blessed to see so much with them.

Caught a big break on 3 May 2017 when my #HonorableSoul mix got debuted on a morning show called the Expensive Breakfast hosted by Glen Lewis & Nina Hastie.

Wow, you are a big deal! Well, its never too late but congrats on being on the Expensive Breakfast Show. Working with great people such as Tich Mataz and DJ Naid my gosh I did not realize that I am in the presence of a celebrity! And I love your playlists! Listened to one that took me back in time, it was such a beautiful nostalgic moment. Is there a place where we can get to your music mixes?

Thanks and the flattery. I’m glad you like them. You can get all of them on The Social Architect SoundCloud or in person when you book me for a live set.

Oh, so we can book you for events? What is the package like?

I usually quote factoring in client requirements, setup, logistics etc. No precise package in place yet. I am in the middle of locking down a manager, so hopefully we we reach an understanding, then you can hit her with all the tech rider and quote requests.

Hahaha, well get to it already. Okay, have you mixed with any local artists?

I have a few but unreleased. With the local artists you have to make sure you have their permission to avoid any copyright infringements or trouble. Do you have any in particular local act you were hoping to hear on the mix?
Right, that is legit. Not anything in particular, I was just curious. Tea or coffee?
Coffee….I’ve been told it’s not good for me but it got me through a lot of nights studying for exams and curing hangovers ?

Hahahaha, you shameless caffeine addict. What have you only recently formed an opinion about?

Family Values. The core the most quintessential elements and foundation for one to level up.One of my favorite Lyricist Nasir said… “You know who you are when you are around family.”

I felt that.

Which is very true. For me family may not necessarily be blood but the ones or the people who have seen you at your lowest and your worst who will not shy away from telling you the truth those are the people you should always have around you. Protect your Family and energy by all means necessary stop.

I believe once you get this part right, you can now go out there and go for your dreams and accomplish your goals In peace.

That is deep. I love that mindset, they are the fuel behind your drive! Well, it has been great talking to you! Anything you want to say to the youth of Zimbabwe?

Thank you very much Maka For having me on your platform. Bless your beautiful and kind soul. Without coming off too corny; Let me just say – Protect your energy.

The country of Zimbabwe is going through so much turmoil socially and economically but do not let that deter you from chasing your dreams.

Keep learning and sharpening your craft daily as you prepare for Your finest moment. In the meantime protect your Energy.

Awww, Thank you for being a guest on Makaitah Rogue you are really an amazing person! All the best on taking over the world!

Thank you Rogue

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