Pricked by a Rose

The rouge hue. Rouge and not Rogue

enthralling tinge of blush

Unyielding flustering flush

Another rhyme fest really Rogue?

Its getting tired like Kylie Minogue

Oh for Pete’s sake can we have a different dialogue?

Pricked by a Rose is a monologue

Get it to it we need an epilogue

Are you the Rose Rogue?

No, I am a thorn en vogue.

The bittersweet karma for menfolk

A flamboyant intent of innuendos

A glimpse in to my soul through the windows

Damn it stop rhyming, you sound corny as hell

Oh pardon me let me freestyle mademoiselle

The gist of the poem is a sinking spell

Yes Rogue is a thorn on a rose, alarm bell

like a flaccid bong in a brothel

A thorn on a rose so algedonic

Some poetic justice so oxymoronic

Forget this Poem its a fatal disaster

hahaha you got pricked by a rose, hasta la vista

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