Fallen: Chapter 15

Continuation from Fallen: Chapter 14

Adam basked in the distinctive beauty and detail of creation. The power and authority bestowed upon him to rule the world was of high renown. Earth was magnificent, its gorgeous features and splendour sustained a continuous streak of general happiness. Adam oozed out another type of hapiness, a warm feeling that made his chest tight every time he gazed upon Eve. His wife, his own flesh and metaphorically a garden of her own. Her inexplicable beauty, slim waistline and the generous perky mounds of flesh on her chest pleased Adam’s aesthetic senses.

The Garden of Eden was a flamboyant and exuberant architectural invention. Impressively beautiful and elaborate with striking features. The breath taking still blue ponds , coral with all kinds of amphibians to adorn it, the silky waterfalls and glistening streams. The dramatic landscape of rising mountains, perfectly manicured green terrains and fruits that hung without season. A botanical garden of roses, petunias, lotus, violets, dandelions , and every flower under the sun, fully bloomed to accesorize Eden. It was simply paradisaical, a sanctuary for man and woman. Every living thing was subservient to Adam, even trees would bow to him, lions, tigers would snuggle at his feet and with Eve by his side, he never felt more exultant and powerful.

It was the pefect world for the perfect beings. Eve loved to soak in hot springs every morning. She would lie at the bottom of the spring, allowing the water to embalm her in aqua moisture. She would chase small colourful labyrinth fish with so much glee that resembled the innocence of a child. On another perfect day like this, Eve walked to the hot springs for the habitual dip. She passed the sacred tree of the mysteries of God, catching a glimpse of the ripe gold apples that were suspended above her and strangely taunting her as if hung on a noose. She proceeded to the hot springs admonishing herself to steer clear of the tree. At first she thought it was Adam who whispered in her ear, but it couldn’t because she was alone. Maybe it was God, she wasn’t sure because He had never spoken to her. With a shrug she eased in to the soothing hot water. The smooth voice whispered again, “Eve.” She felt an overpowering energy of allurement and sanctimony.

He appeared from behind the avocado tree directly in front of her and she gasped in awe. The only man she had seen and known was Adam, but this man who stood in front of her was unknown to her. She stood there unable to move, too mesmerized to say anything, she drank in the beauty and imposing good looks. He towered over her, above 6 feet tall with majestic gold wings that shone creating a divine glow. He wore a white sleevless gown thet flowed to his feet, with a v-neck that accentuated his muscular upper trunk. On his right bicep, was a gold bracelet in the shape of an angry serpent. He had a voluminous black mane that flowed down to shoulder length, illuminating his pale tan skin as of an almond shell. His attractively strong rough – hewned features gave a him a rugged look unlike Adams smooth soft face. Strong defined jawline, oval shaped eyes, pointed at both ends, almost a slit that revealed algae green eyes. He was gorgeous.

He walked closer to Eve and gave her an indulging smile. Unbashed in her nakedness, Eve stood still, spell bound in wonder and mostly curiosity. He stopped inches away from her and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. Eve blinked in confusion, “Who? Who are you?.” She asked. “I am Lucifer, the prince of Eden.”

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