The Devils Throne

The swords of dead valiant knights fused by dragon fire

A seat for murderers and blood thirsty vampires

Perched on the cold iron

The House of Targaryen. Fire and Blood.

An incestuous heritage of the three headed dragon

Housed in Kings Landing. Soddom and Gomorrah

Female orchids strewn in the streets to be bludgeoned by hot blooded perversions

An insatiable hunger for power

A demonic crusade lured by a gravitational force

Engorged by blood bath and terror

The whispers emnating from the throne podium

Hallucinations, dementia praecox, a mad king

The author of Armageddon, night king

Bastards entitled with a legacy of heirdom

Gendry a Baratheon, Jon a Targaryen

Too pure to sit on it

A seat of diabolism fit for the souless

Like a queen carrying the spawn of her brother

Trading her orchid with a pirate for a herd of mammoths

The mother of dragons quest for power

Poignancy upon the House of Tully

Family. Duty. Honour

Consumed by power, unaware of the winds of winter

A greater evil lurks

Greater than the Bastard who fed a mother and her newly born to his hounds

The rise of the undead, rotting flesh, souless

The seat of swords an elemental priority

Even the game of wits is matchless to the power of the three eyed raven

Humanity faces instinction. The real throne is a wooden wheel chair.

Hope beacons from a cripple with insight

The throne a symbol of the soul’s blemishes

The night is dark and full of terror

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